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I dunno its hear so shout it out loud!! LOL
Mon Aug 12, 2013, 11:20 AM
hmm .. what 2 shout ?
Thu Jul 4, 2013, 9:36 PM

Life story more or less

Some history/fact/info on me.

Back in my elementary years around the end of the 4th grade the teachers got tired of trying to teach me. This lead to them under the principles orders to just give me the answer books. As the old folks say “I got passed up a grade.” Rather passing it or not. It does not help their special ed class were limited but I guess Red bank TN elemenarty school was lucky to have one. Anyway this created issues bullies up their ire on me as their dads where members of higher standing and they wished they could get passed “up a grade”. Despite my inability to write well I was bright, I was told many times if I got math right and wrote more legibly I would be in the smart kids special ed and not the slow leaner’s one. Outside of that I was well mannered a bit of a cut up and rarely gained the ire of the schools staff.

By the time I hit the middle of the 5th grade I could not take it anymore the teachers moods were varied and that was a stresser add the bullies and I was headed for a break down. The frist day of the 6th grade I had one and never went back to public school but for a small stint in the 7th or 8th or so but that did not work out. I however did do home schooling up till the 10th or so when funds ran out for new school manuals.
Currently today I am people shy, mostly small crowds, large crowds of 200+ it’s the opposite I can lose myself due to the higher numbers, 5-50 I get anxious and sooner or later flight or fight impulses kick in. Grammar wise I am a bit sharper but not much smarter. Grammar, spelling is always elusive to me like dating. . . I like my rock. LOL

Anyway where was I, ah yes learning disabilities thought the years I have been diagnosed with written expression, de-calculus, ADD, ADHD , Dyslexia, Dysgraphia/ Agraphia. Now add into the mix a house fire in 96(IE loss of home), a sewer flood in 97/98(loss of home), Condemnation of house in 04 with mother being found to have terminal cancer living in and out of public housing emergency housing and motels to finally getting into public housing to have mom die 3 2 months later…. And just as things where looking up my dad died 9 months later around the same time of Richard Pryor. Then another move to over the mountain to the old farm with my grandmother and her sister.



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COTLOP Light Force Destroyer Color. by ZippyDSMlee
COTLOP Light Force Destroyer Color.
Light Force destroyer,The ports are just different color protanium parts screwed into the dropped forged hull these can handle energy differently normal protanium. 

Playing with colors so they are not permanent.

The light blue ports on the sides and back are torpedo/fighter ports.

The engines are used as needed generally one at a time.

The yellow middle engine port is for the LF drive to be pushed and pulled via connecting to all energy around it so any movement can take place given enough external energy, generally very slow or very fast, can go in 16 directions but slow at turning.

The engine ports are for the warp bubble/ light speed, time travel and deminional.

The light green engine ports are large inertia engines allowing the ship to move even in the roughest sub light space.

The red engine ports generate a diffusive barrier around the hull allowing for swift sub light speed and quick turns but lowers energy output thus lowering attack power.
COTLOP Dark Dragon Spawn Recolor by ZippyDSMlee
COTLOP Dark Dragon Spawn Recolor
Dark Dragon Spawn, took me all day to recolor it..... not perfect but close enough...and yes I drew the crappy background!!
I got chapter one of my  COTLOP:lost (16k word) book project, and the prologue for my COTLOP book 1 project, as well as a 14 page lore,world building/ history of my multi verse on my patreon page, my patreon page will remain free for all its there as another option to donate.…
Chronicles of the Lord of Power/COTLOP


The Lord of Power uses minions as means as a medium to work on complex equipment, build stuff and do maintenance. They are used as hand tools and various types of drones. Generally Minions are created by using energy to create them as needed they complete their tasks if there is no danger they wonder off to play, slack off or “help” others following the minion’s primary and secondary directives until they run out of energy. They also can be locked away in objects to be summoned when needed. The Lord of Power has a single permanent energy minion he keeps on himself like a cell phone/tablet. Dubbed “Mini” it’s much smaller than most drone minions as it’s about the size of a pool ball. Mini is used as a flashlight, translator, scanner, simplistic multi tool, computer and media player. Being around the Lord of Power a lot has made the minion have some extra quirks mainly it’s personally is more cute, silly and energetic than the rest.

The appearance of a minion is typically round with a single large cat like eye, sizes tend to be 2 inches to 2 feet in diameter depending on if being used as a hand tool or not and tend to look like a blue fireball with a cat’s eye, mechanical designs are used rarely. Mechanical designs can have glowing parts but for the most part it’s a shifting raised panel covering that allows the mechanical design to function.

Basic functions of any type of minion is floating/flying, invisibility/stealth, scanning, multi-function beam modes including telekinesis, cutting/mending, organic manipulation/healing. To help with their duties minions are also empathic and have limited telepathy powers with a few security enhancements to ensure they cannot be easily taken control of and fear dose not burn out their AI. It’s a general rule the more power/energy put into them the more they can do. The less energy they are given the slower and more ghostly they appear if energy based minion.  Minions are all connected together via the Lord of Power if he is not around acting as a main hub they are connected based on proximity to each other, IE the more that are close to each other the proximity range of the connection grows stronger and faster.

No matter the location minions are connected to the Lord of Power’s sub conscious, somewhere in his sub conscious they can access a huge archive of information. Minions are like co processors that are more powerful than the computer they are in, by himself the Lord of Power cannot do much it’s all fuzzy incompetent work but via minions he can build nearly anything if he has enough energy and materials to work with. Minions share a simple operating system that even the Lord of Power can use even if he is heavily damage and cannot give them access to the information archive to speed up his own connection and comprehension with them.

Minions are semi automatous everything they do is based off their AI, specifically the primary and secondary directives and randomly generated “quirks” such as when in idle mode they chase each other firing harmless energy beams or doing randomly cute, silly or stupid things. As such minions are regarded as silly light hearted creatures or spirits wherever he roams. Primary directives dictate that innocent sentient life takes precedent over their given duty or job. They have a fondness for children and will always want to play with them when they are in-between missions. Second to third primary directives deal with mission/assignment prioritization and the health and wellbeing of sentient life and life in general to a lesser degree this means if someone needs to be healed or something needs to be repaired there is a high chance minions will “help” if the their assignments are less important. Fourth primary directive deals with area mapping and the location of possible ambient energy locations for emergency usage.  Secondary directives handle environmental issues like cleaning/repairing or purifying the habitat sentient life is in, it tries to balance the needs of sentient life versus life.

The Lord of Power made it so that minions do not speak, mainly from nightmares of dozens to thousands of them constantly bantering back and forth to each other so to communicate when need be they have semi  translucent holographic signs, talk clouds or talk box’s/windows, they are random much like the minions own personality. They all have the minion operating system version number on the bottom of the screen. Minions refer to themselves as their summon number or as “minion” if they do not have the time or space to write out their full number/name. They refer to the Lord of Power as master and will try and cuddle with him and get his attention by doing cute and silly things if their assignment is not high priority.

A single talk box/window is used in the foreground for prevalent conversion, generally when talking to sentient life, in the background behind the main window they talk to each other, share pictures and other silliness, it can become messy but can create humorous situations. Information windows are displayed when more complex information needs to be shared or during scanning of objects or people depending on the situation if there is no real evil intent or tension around them and they are not busy with work or if someone is asking them a lot of questions they will create the talk windows and stuff to communicate.

Heres some pictures I had made, this shows off their rescue capabilities and their possible quirks via dress up.…


This is cute overkill but I thought it would be fun to have it made.…

COTLOP Minions
Minions of the Lord of Power.

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I got chapter one of my  COTLOP:lost (16k word) book project, and the prologue for my COTLOP book 1 project, as well as a 14 page lore,world building/ history of my multi verse on my patreon page, my patreon page will remain free for all its there as another option to donate.…


Chasing my mind away.
United States
Chronicles of the Lord of power book 1.

Prologue is here…
Chap 1 is here…
Chap 2 is done its here…

I iz zippy, but more often I am called WIllaim Wesley Lee Jarvis...generally when I do something bad.... and in one breath to boot... women sure are scary.... very scary and this one is the most scariest of all!!

Go now and buy stuff NOW!!!

Ahem...anyway.... where was I... ah yes talking about self I dunno fat,tall hairy like a Ogre only less sturdy a bit socially damaged from bullies in elementary school and very savantly idiotic.

At least I hail my genius and passions (all but the girl) as vain and silly... still if I ca focus ad polish my abilities I could rule the world... would not want to as herding psychotic mutant Tigers is just as annoying... Humanity... you annoy me....... *angry fist*

Current Residence: Rual hell ,TN
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 4X/54
Favourite genre of music: J pop,Alt,Metal some rap/country
Operating System: Win7
MP3 player of choice: FOOBAR,winamp just for shoutcast
Personal Quote: I am fuzzy brained mew =0_o=


Mods for sell.…

I can not draw worth a flip but I can mod Bethesda games, I can change colors on a skin(the skin or texture of an item) and add things like decals,ect. I also change around equipment values or make better variants of said weapon. I can add it to locations in the game, or from vendors where you can buy it. Not quit figured out how to add them to NPCs or make them random drops though.

I can do most of this kind of modding to the Unreal Tournament games tho its easier to add it NPCs LOL

If a game is moddable I can do some things with it, let me know and I will see what I can do.

Commissions would be 5$ or 100 points.

Let me know if you want something done!…


COTLOP character sketches to get done.

COTLOP character sketches

DOL/Dragon of Light
Human form he looks like a cross between Yoda , Skeeve and Troll(image comics, think a short wolverine with no claws), he constantly smokes cigars, has slight reptilian features ,hairy white eye brows and a long white bread. He has trimmed claws and stuby hands/fingers.
DD Dark Dragon
Is half the size of earth’s moon, a huge black dragon with hind legs, forearms and great tattered wings, and tail. Hes spiney and spiky. Red eyes and very grumby. Sleeps a lot for eons if not millions of years.
Female insect race. They look human but have blue, gray, green, black skin, their nipples are inverted. They have some incest features, odd upside down hair on their legs and pubic area.
There faces are either fully insect life, half and half or human with small insect eyes, strangly the more human looking they are the more likely they will become a queen.
Since they have no natural armor they wear armor clothing, from skirts or 50’s teen aitre to battle armor of various types.

Male insect race, cannibalistic, hard and harsh.
Base is something like this but with hands, tho they can grow nearly anything from their bodies to evole into better fighters. Their eyes are a bit more biceted/insect like………

Keep the head of the first 3, give it the body a mix of the next 2 and give it the bisected jaw of the last one.

One arm can be a blade like thing and the other a claw cannon type thing.

Their colors tend to be dark gray/green/black/purple

They also wear basic barbarian leather outfits made from the remains of their fallen.

Tall lanky ghostly figures of vaguely old men, darkness is a bit fatter, shorter and has more tattered robes, he keeps his face hidden under a hood al you can see are his eyes and teeth, Lightness looks like an old man with blank eyes and a long face with white mustache and bread and long hair(gandolf?).
Use a base of a wrath…

Has random parts fade slightly out of sight or become invisible; they emit dust like particles as they are more clusters of spiritual energy. Basically smoke people. LOL


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