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I dunno its hear so shout it out loud!! LOL
Mon Aug 12, 2013, 11:20 AM
hmm .. what 2 shout ?
Thu Jul 4, 2013, 9:36 PM

Life story more or less

Some history/fact/info on me.

Back in my elementary years around the end of the 4th grade the teachers got tired of trying to teach me. This lead to them under the principles orders to just give me the answer books. As the old folks say “I got passed up a grade.” Rather passing it or not. It does not help their special ed class were limited but I guess Red bank TN elemenarty school was lucky to have one. Anyway this created issues bullies up their ire on me as their dads where members of higher standing and they wished they could get passed “up a grade”. Despite my inability to write well I was bright, I was told many times if I got math right and wrote more legibly I would be in the smart kids special ed and not the slow leaner’s one. Outside of that I was well mannered a bit of a cut up and rarely gained the ire of the schools staff.

By the time I hit the middle of the 5th grade I could not take it anymore the teachers moods were varied and that was a stresser add the bullies and I was headed for a break down. The frist day of the 6th grade I had one and never went back to public school but for a small stint in the 7th or 8th or so but that did not work out. I however did do home schooling up till the 10th or so when funds ran out for new school manuals.
Currently today I am people shy, mostly small crowds, large crowds of 200+ it’s the opposite I can lose myself due to the higher numbers, 5-50 I get anxious and sooner or later flight or fight impulses kick in. Grammar wise I am a bit sharper but not much smarter. Grammar, spelling is always elusive to me like dating. . . I like my rock. LOL

Anyway where was I, ah yes learning disabilities thought the years I have been diagnosed with written expression, de-calculus, ADD, ADHD , Dyslexia, Dysgraphia/ Agraphia. Now add into the mix a house fire in 96(IE loss of home), a sewer flood in 97/98(loss of home), Condemnation of house in 04 with mother being found to have terminal cancer living in and out of public housing emergency housing and motels to finally getting into public housing to have mom die 3 2 months later…. And just as things where looking up my dad died 9 months later around the same time of Richard Pryor. Then another move to over the mountain to the old farm with my grandmother and her sister.


Batman keys have been given away. If I get any more bundles with extra keys I'll post about twitter, here and on my facebook.

Who has steam and wants Batman Arkham Asylum or Arkham City?

I'll put it in a list and figure out who gets what based on friendship and response time.

A few newly edited pages(or part one from my DA page) on my 15K side book project.
Chronicles of the Lord of Power: Lost and abandoned on the dark lonely road of the stars.
Being found is worse than being lost. As being lost you are free from all but self. Being found you have to constantly worry about others. :Lord of Power
Off in the white hazy mists beyond time and space. Seemingly endless rows of tables, each having two chairs with random chess like games in play atop the tables. These games will linger on until one side completely removes the other from all of the boards. The table and high back chairs have elegant dark wrought iron leaf and vine features.

In the middle of the sea of tables and chairs two old figures sit. One in tattered white and gray robes his thin and long bearded face is pale, wrinkled, thin and wise, his hair and beard long and white, eyes sunken and sorrowful. He leans to one side as his eyes close and drifts off to sleep as drool starts down his cheek.

A much darker figure sits across from him. Dressed in dark tattered robes made of fur his broad dark face and sunken cheeks are marred by old scars. His head is full of thin gnarly hair. His expression is grim as his deep crimson eyes seethe with rage. His features are burly yet contorted seemingly corrupted by madness. He fell to sleep where he sits eyes open with foam gathering at the corner of his mouth. He writhes in his slumber as violent dreams haunt the dark one’s ungrateful rest.

On each side of the empty chessboard a bowl sits. A black one with white stripes on the white side a white bowel with dark zigzagging lines on the other where dark tatters inch their way to the board hoping to steal or distract. The chessboard vibrates as a white knight, queen and handful of dark pawns fade in. It appears this game has just begun.

A derelict space ship ravaged by time and the long journey on the lonely road of the stars drifts silently amidst the colorful lights coming from various clusters of stars, dust and gas clouds. Their multi-colored light caresses the ship like light through tall cathedral stained glass. Upon the ships hind end a curious unhinged panel rests with letters arranged upon it. They are human and crude that read L. O. P. dash One.

As the light penetrates into the depths of the ship though holes upon its surface. Life still lingers within this seemingly dead coal as the multi-color light sparkles and shines within the darkness. Dozens of round glowing solid energy spheres with a single large translucent cat’s eye look on in awe all the while their master is oblivious to it. They are barely autonomous creatures, simple but fiercely loyal. They are called minions made by the master of the ship. Outside near the outer hull a minion peers out into the darkness hoping to see signs of life or useable debris. It scans from left to right for a few minutes then turns around and enters the spaceship through a large hole.

Slowly it passes through wreck and ruin and leaves the vacuum of space. It passes by a large rackety and box where within carbon dioxide molecules are being produced via matter conversion and then viciously consumed by the endlessly hungry plant life form that sputters out an oxygen based atmosphere and enough energy to power the loud rackety machine and seal the beast within it. A curiosity since no one on board needs it to live it’s more of a comfort for the weary travelers within.

An orb smaller than a human head hovers over a grumbling man, his figure is plump, face round with short brown hair and unkempt face, eyes blue and distant. He is dressed in heavily worn blue jeans a torn white T-shirt, black boots, brown faded fedora and trench coat that have seen better days. His rough hands are working on some sort of circuit panel. Worn fingers paint pathways of light.

A slightly raspy woman’s voice comes from the orb “You better hope that damn mold monster doesn’t pop out of this piece of crap life support unit you were up all week hammering together.” She pauses for a moment. “On second thought, since I had to use my last repair drones to fish you off that planet and clean you up, I don’t want to talk about it.” She says humorously.

The man is working on some sort of large looking circuit panel. He links dim pathways of light as if he is drawing. He says in a lightly stressed voice. “Yes, yes I know, but it relaxes me.”

The orb snarkly replies “What? Being covered in putrid green goo that wants to turn you into plant poo?”

The man retorts. “Why yes, I like my balls being eroded away…” He pauses for a moment, sighs then continues. “But I prefer the smell of crappy life-support to a colorless and quiet void.” He continues as he places a panel over the circuit board. “This one is good, only 10 thousand or so to go. Then again, we should hunt down what powers it and try to get the engines online again.” The orb rotates in place blinking a bright off yellow dotted bland and uninterested smiley face while deep in thought pauses then says. “So we are going to try the Light Force energy array, since we obviously don’t have any decent power source on my poor precious ship?” The orb displays a crying face with a hint of happiness while looking at the tattered man.

Giving the orb a double take he says. “No… you’re not making me into a human battery… besides, the ship couldn’t handle being plugged into my nipples the last time we tried!”

While making another sad smiley face the orb says. “So the array?”

With a half hopeful smile he replies. “Yeah, even if we run afoul of the powers that be, it’s better than trying to repair the ship with blood and sweat alone.” He then gets up as they approach a door, it jerks itself open and they find themselves in a corridor that leads to a maze of pathways, filled with disorganized cabling of all sizes branching off in different directions. As they walk down the maze, the orb leads the tattered man through the dimly lit corridors. The orb gives off some light, creating menacing shadows that bob and sway as they venture forth.

The man stares at the cabling coming from the ceiling and follows it with his eyes as he recalls a troubling past experience with cabling. He remembers falling through a ceiling panel while being tied up in super energized cables. Dangling like a marionette jerking ever so slightly as the energy coursed through him randomly. He covers his face and grasps his forehead, remembering the worst part of it. The repair drone was cutting the cables and missed… cutting off a couple limbs. He sighs just before he stumbles and falls over a large stack of cabling, hitting his head as his hat tumbles forward.

The orb says as she moves forward. “Keep up slow poke, or I will leave you down here.”

He replies while grabbing his hat while he stands up staggering a bit to catch up with the orb. “Do that and there will be many more holes in your precious ship.”

The orb says as it stops at a battered door “Tsk tsk tsk, do you always have to resort to brute force?” It casts dim light and shadow on the door illuminating the hanger bay 13 sign.

The man stares at the faded number as he walks up to the orb then asks.“So out of the 40 something hanger bays we have, this is the one we have to go through?”

The orb sighs then says. “Well, it’s the only one not wrecked and totally exposed to space. Want to go on another space trip skipping across asteroids like last time?”

The man energetically replies. “Er no, no more wasting time… and I was not skipping damn it! Unless you can skip using your head...”

The orbs laughs saying. “True. At least you came back whole that time…” She pauses for a moment then says. “Mmmmm!?””

The man looks at the orb puzzled. “What’s wrong now?”

The orb scans the door and says. “It’s been beaten in so much that it’s warped, buckling in on this side.”

The man pushes against the door grunting. “That… ugh… much is obvious. Ugh. Do you sense anything on the other side?”

The orb replies. “Scanning… No the door is just stuck.”

The man replies quickly with an evil grin. “Then can I blow it up?”

The orb scurries behind him saying. “Ugh, fine. Just keep the damage to a minimum.”

He smiles giving the buckled in door an evil look as he moves back. He whips his tattered trench coat off his hip and pulls out a long object that’s covered in bandages. He then waves the object to the right, then up and down; the bandages fall around him in a circular motion. As the bandages fall to the floor, they reveal a sheathed golden brown shirasaya. His eyes radiate a glowing blue mist as energy lines start pulsating forward on the sword. He points the end at the door as energy starts compressing into a ball; a moment of silence covers the area as a bead of sweat runs down his check. As the final bandage hits the floor, a blurring beam of concentrated energy hits the door and fills the area with intense blue energy. The door moves for a second, then stops. As he continues, the door withstands the assault. He glares at the door through the hazy, rebounding energy and pushes himself forward, forcing the energy into every crevice and molecule of the door’s recesses and archway. Crackling sounds can be heard as cracks start forming along the areas touched by the door. Suddenly the door and its whole archway go blasting off across the hanger bay floor with a great WOOSHING sound as it slams into several different fighters, coming to a rest far off in the distance. Amongst the rubble and a few random untouched fighters lay, the hunk of ejected metal glows far off within the darkness as they enter the gaping, yet still glowing hole. The tattered man and his floating orb companion soon realize something is amiss.
COTLOP: LOST, part 1,new edit.

Full title: Chronicles of the Lord of Power: Lost and abandoned on the dark lonely road of the stars.

This is how far I have come in writing/grammar and formatting. This is part one updated to the current state of my abilities.

COTLOP main book plotline info
Hello all want to get a bit reaction and comments on my book project. I am not much of a reader due to issues from childhood education.(A round jolly peg will never fit into a smaller square hole.) I created some of it during my childhood based off outside games we use to play in the early mid-80s to the start of the 90s. Mainly star wars/ TV and cartoon fed monster of the week type stuff. Over the years I moldered over it but never really sat down and wrote anything on it. Not till 05 or so, then I slowly started taking notes and planning out the timeline. One of the more tricky aspects of it I was always thinking about my characters later adventures but I eventually and quickly managed to lay a starting point out.
My main book project covers big and small adventure plotlines in a rough time line, what I call a book tends to be the overall story arch involving those groups of plotlines, books change a bit over time but book 1 and book 2 seem to be set in stone as far as start and end. Book 1 is so far 40K worth of continuous story, book 2 is a lot of notes and some dialogue. I tried making a story based on my MC’s later adventures and it became a 15K story over a month or 2, I am still learning different types of basic grammar structure so I have a lot of new editing to do. I tend to write then try and figure it out later oh the joys of putting off editing ><(not to mention have to edit the 40K book 1 stuff again LOL).
Anyway, the name you ask? The Name of my book project is Chronicles of Lord of Power. The Main character earns his title sometime in book 2, so he is called Power Lord, Lord of Power or LOP if they know of him if not he’d known as the stranger,  wanderer or nickname based on the circumstance. Due to the events of book 1 he does not recall his name and relies on his title as Emissary of Light as a name.
Events of book 1 are the main character is on earth depressed lost in thought from events in his life things become strange as light and sound stop and he walks up to the upper yard where the energies from the portal almost knock him out while he regains focus images of the world the portal is linked too some more pictures are seen a set of pictures from a bath house where some female warriors are relaxing. The MC closes his eyes as Dol introduces himself while trying to work a portal remote,he appears to be a short green lizard man in a cloak smoking a cigar after introducing himself and tells the adolescent male he’s been chosen as a candidate for warrior of creation. The conversation falls short as the youth passes out due to the portal being a bit unstable. Dol decides to send him in to the training world closes the portal then transforms into a dragon and flies off. Due to Dols power the portal can’t transport him. The training world has been fighting the dark army for so long they never managed to get beyond the planet but that’s how most Light Force training worlds are, they tend to be controlled world war simulators for testing the chosen to be warriors of creation.
The training world is a high fantasy medieval inspired world. Its filled with large cities and smaller towns and villages who have varying degree of magic and steampunk tech some have little to none. One of the largest cites is a port city filled with air ships and boats, another is heavily steampunk influenced and is the industrial capital of world who suffers from bad pollution issues so much so every wears a gas mask most of which are ornate it also has large floating egg shaped robots to help with security and maintenance, around the circular metal city are shanty towns where the poorest live, they provide most of the labor for the city. The capital rivals even some of our own our modern cities(ya not really got to it yet LOL).  

The main character lands in a beam of light in a faraway location between a large forest and the town itself. It has a functioning guild of light base to protect the region from the encroaching darkness. A captain and his lieutenant are introduced, they some humorous banter between them when see the beam coming down and work their way to the beams landing spot. They meet up with a red haired girl who becomes part of the main group later on in the story. Main characters get semi short back stories. Might have to change that or have them thinking about the past to introduce them. They get there in time (using the captain’s magical enhanced boots good for running, jumping, kicking and jumping in the air via blasts of wind energy) so do some forces of darkness which manage to hurt the main character while he is still unconscious. 5 orbs of light burst forth then go off in different directions. They manage to fight off the corrupted beast men using sword, dagger, hatchet and magical body based enhancements. And stabilize the energy leaking out the main characters damaged left arm.  -
He wakes up in a doctor’s house without any memories. Over time he starts noticing the balls of light that are cleaning and organizing the place. The doctor says it’s a simple helper spirit spell. As the MC gazes at the creature he understands its energies, function and form. With his arm fixed up the lieutenant takes him around the town and to the magic school for him to learn about the world he is in. He impresses all with apt learning and control over magic. Later on he goes to the local bar with the lieutenant who gets very plastered and boisterous. The MC dose not really get drunk and has to drag the lieutenant back to the barracks. He then joins the festival parade as mindlessly waves at people on his cart as the lieutenant tries to hide from people and nurse his headache.  After that he trains with some weapons to figure out what his skills are. They manage to find a cursed changeling staff the MC burns off the cruse by pouring a lot of magic into it. What’s left is a staff that can change its length and structure at a high cost of magic energy.      
Reports start coming in about what direction the lights went in and the captain has been compiling them and trying to pin point where they went. The five colors are red, blue, black, white, green. The MC says something about orbs of power which causes the captain to look through one of his many books. In a book the orbs of power are described as each having an element and a path which is close in nature to how they categorize magic in truth it’s the same thing though book speaks of it in a more antiquated form.  They decide to head off to the steampunk inspired Industrial city which is a few days travel away from their location.
They arrive at the city and need to wear gas masks due to all the smoke and smog, the setting is turn of century British flavored with Bobbies and a Scotland Yard inspired detective, with large odd floating monocle and top hat wearing egg shaped automatons used for security, driving horseless carriages and maintenance. The group is there to help with certain crimes going on while they also look for information regarding the red orb that landed in the region.
My main group has the MC and his friends; they are not quite proper secondary characters but not full time main characters however in this chapter a secondary character is relieved. She’s an enemy at first but is being used by the big bad of this story arch.
That’s 3 long chapters so far and I am still working on chap 3.  The next chapters revolve around finding the other 4 orbs. Then the last chapters deal with a huge war with the great dark army that seeks to destroy everything.
Book 2 takes place shortly after book one, Since the MC kinda won once he was transported to the ship his body was transformed and he is now an immortal, most of the powers he gained are gone his current powers are a bit unstable and confusing. MC is on a ship heading to Light Force core worlds he wakes up with some memory damage and almost breaks the ship if Dol did not snap him out of it.
When he arrives he is processed and gets a room and some time to acquaint himself with his surroundings. Then he is taken to find a side arm that suits him, he picks an odd one and old gun sword weapon. Over time he rebuilds the gun sword to suit his needs even if it falls apart a lot he just needs to find better parts for it. Training to become a Light Force warrior is harsh and difficult you have a combination of combat training and simplified history/science and business administration. On the side he builds random things. Along the way most trainees and instructors start discriminating against him and call him names (power lord/power hoarder,ect not really fully developed yet LOL)   due to his unique abilities.
As things continue it starts wearing him out eventually they start advance training which involves culling of any life form in a pruning area. They start out with going through various first hand scenarios to removing parts of galaxies and universes to ensure all members are able to carry out their duties to ensure Dark Forces cannot expand the void and turn life forms into warriors for darkness. The MC is not cut out to be a killer but no matter how many times he fails he is given another chance. Dol who is a respected and high level member of Light Forces supports the MC and mentors him some. But unknown to all the MC is building an escape craft.  He eventually gets away but is attacked and crashes on a broken dessert planet filled with wrecked space ships from everybody but Light Force or Dark force. This planet also seems to be stuck in-between dimensions and is far away from any regions directly controlled by Light Forces and there is no Dark Forces around either.  So he is stuck and after a very long time he accidently creates an AI based off his personality and mind but unlike the fickle MC his new sister has confidence and is decisive and rarely makes mistakes. Between them both they get off the planet and build a bigger ship together. By this time he has control over his powers he’s also come up with a way to not be consumed and destroyed by them and still have power. After a period of time the MC starts hearing the call of creation, a type of telepathic distress signal influenced by Lightness himself. He ignores it and puts it off until it uses his own power to teleport him to where the problem is.  Someone somewhere somewhen needs help getting rid of town bullies and maybe even save the town from other issues as well. However he is lost and his memories are jumbled. He eventually finds his way around and helps solve the problems the town had.
Just as Sandy and the MC leave Light Forces show up but they do not want to destroy them rather they want to take the MC to the council. Council is not that concerned with much but Lightness himself bugged them to check out a world and remove the darkens from it without destroying the world. Light Forces can do surgical strikes they are just very rough about it so the MC is forced to be a gun for hire for Light Forces to sniff out and snuff out the darkness that’s corrupting this word. The world setting is much like book 1 only the whole planet has large cities and rich and lush greenery with magic fantasy based technology. The world does not have many issues with poverty or disease they have issues with criminal syndicates the world also has influences from its neighbors in the galaxy and they have basic space travel accessing thousands of worlds. But for a time space traffic has been slowing down. Currently Sandy has the ship hidden in the solar system and there are a few small groups of Light Force vessels patrolling in between dimensions. The stage is set a grumpy and tried Lord of Power arrives to find friends, adventure and figure out what’s going on so he can go back and hide in his room upon his…I mean Sandy’s ship.
The next big story might involve him returning to earth.
Or it might be him in the future as a forgetful engineer in the space marines playing human with some of his memories blocked only to be dragged into a galactic conflict
Have 2 or 3 small adventure plotlines and a concept for the ending as well.
For the most part the main cast are mary sues IE nice people with some quirks, the MC is pretty much the same though there is a hint of depression in him.  The 2nd book would have destroyed his faith in sentient beings that is if he did not have memory damage.  LOL
After book 2 after he builds his ship his personally is a bit perverted, a bit humorous, pessimistic and a bit depressive. Sometimes he’s hyper sometimes not but no matter what mood he is in kindness is one of his main attributes. He goes along to get along until he has to break things even if it’s a planet or universe.
Batman keys have been given away. If I get any more bundles with extra keys I'll post about twitter, here and on my facebook.


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Chasing my mind away.
United States
Chronicles of the Lord of power book 1.

Prologue is here…
Chap 1 is here…
Chap 2 is done its here…

I iz zippy, but more often I am called WIllaim Wesley Lee Jarvis...generally when I do something bad.... and in one breath to boot... women sure are scary.... very scary and this one is the most scariest of all!!

Go now and buy stuff NOW!!!

Ahem...anyway.... where was I... ah yes talking about self I dunno fat,tall hairy like a Ogre only less sturdy a bit socially damaged from bullies in elementary school and very savantly idiotic.

At least I hail my genius and passions (all but the girl) as vain and silly... still if I ca focus ad polish my abilities I could rule the world... would not want to as herding psychotic mutant Tigers is just as annoying... Humanity... you annoy me....... *angry fist*

Current Residence: Rual hell ,TN
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 4X/54
Favourite genre of music: J pop,Alt,Metal some rap/country
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: FOOBAR,winamp just for shoutcast
Personal Quote: I am fuzzy brained mew =0_o=


Mods for sell.…

I can not draw worth a flip but I can mod Bethesda games, I can change colors on a skin(the skin or texture of an item) and add things like decals,ect. I also change around equipment values or make better variants of said weapon. I can add it to locations in the game, or from vendors where you can buy it. Not quit figured out how to add them to NPCs or make them random drops though.

I can do most of this kind of modding to the Unreal Tournament games tho its easier to add it NPCs LOL

If a game is moddable I can do some things with it, let me know and I will see what I can do.

Commissions would be 5$ or 100 points.

Let me know if you want something done!…


COTLOP character sketches to get done.

COTLOP character sketches

DOL/Dragon of Light
Human form he looks like a cross between Yoda , Skeeve and Troll(image comics, think a short wolverine with no claws), he constantly smokes cigars, has slight reptilian features ,hairy white eye brows and a long white bread. He has trimmed claws and stuby hands/fingers.
DD Dark Dragon
Is half the size of earth’s moon, a huge black dragon with hind legs, forearms and great tattered wings, and tail. Hes spiney and spiky. Red eyes and very grumby. Sleeps a lot for eons if not millions of years.
Female insect race. They look human but have blue, gray, green, black skin, their nipples are inverted. They have some incest features, odd upside down hair on their legs and pubic area.
There faces are either fully insect life, half and half or human with small insect eyes, strangly the more human looking they are the more likely they will become a queen.
Since they have no natural armor they wear armor clothing, from skirts or 50’s teen aitre to battle armor of various types.

Male insect race, cannibalistic, hard and harsh.
Base is something like this but with hands, tho they can grow nearly anything from their bodies to evole into better fighters. Their eyes are a bit more biceted/insect like………

Keep the head of the first 3, give it the body a mix of the next 2 and give it the bisected jaw of the last one.

One arm can be a blade like thing and the other a claw cannon type thing.

Their colors tend to be dark gray/green/black/purple

They also wear basic barbarian leather outfits made from the remains of their fallen.

Tall lanky ghostly figures of vaguely old men, darkness is a bit fatter, shorter and has more tattered robes, he keeps his face hidden under a hood al you can see are his eyes and teeth, Lightness looks like an old man with blank eyes and a long face with white mustache and bread and long hair(gandolf?).
Use a base of a wrath…

Has random parts fade slightly out of sight or become invisible; they emit dust like particles as they are more clusters of spiritual energy. Basically smoke people. LOL


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