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Random story rumble days.


Magic is the driving force of the world, crystals power equipment and computers, mirrors modern day but slightly less devleoped, humans have internal mana pools allowing them to use spells via chants and abilities through force of will.

Most who attend magic collage are researchers, doctors/medics and various types of warriors.

Magic can be learned be after the last Great War magic energies clashed and enveloped the world most people born after it develop super abilities that use their internal mana pool.

Man character
“SLACKER”  (nickname the slacker or MR.slacker, disliked nickname old man)


200 years after the Great War  the MC is born at the age of 7 he developed powers of shape shifting black flames that destroy anything they touch and white protective healing flames, these are not normal flames but flames of the soul itself, nicknamed twin dragon flames.

Due to the difficulty of using those powers it was decided that he should not learn to use them. A year later terrorists attacked the town and he was caught in the fire fight near the partially destroyed grocery store.

In an instant time slowed and he feel the dark evil emotions of the terrorists the fear and pride of the police and the terror of the hurt children and parents behind him. His left hand lit up with black flames as his right hand lit up with white flames. He tried to think of a way to help but caught up in everything a simple thought crossed his mind with one hand crush evil with the other hand protect people. He stood with his left hand stretched out to the terrorists and his right hand stretched out to the toward the damaged grocery store.  In that instant many black flames snaked out and engulfed the most of the terrorists living dead or otherwise as white flames engulfed the whole block and slowly rained down like snow putting out the black flames and healing most people in the area. The stress made him pass out and cracked his soul.

He woke up in the hospital a few days later separated from his body in spirit form he tried to recall what happened but his mind was fuzzy after he was done crying from shock of seeing himself in a hospital. He wondered around a bit the world was quiet and made up of gray and white world where everything had an odd red/green/blue hue around it. He could interact with inanimate objects and plants but living things like humans and animals where pixelated and somewhat blurry though every now and then he could hear people off in the distance. Wondering around for a few days he noticed that people change cloths and locations every few hours and day and night change every 2 days, time keeping devices seemed to work fine. Slowly he wandered greater distances from his body he soon learned his powers were very faint as if they were gone. After a few days he started to prepare to explore the outside world but noticed that he does not get hungry or tired. A few days of explore and looking up girls skirts he wandered into the magic collage library he accidently activated a magic book which put some information in his head which spooked him after he calmed down he found out some books have a mental link to put information into the readers head unfortunately most of the information went over his head but he found a link book about the library.  After activating the AI librarian he began to ask questions regarding magic studies the system had a few errors and scanned the child as a professor.  A lot of the low level books he needed were across town in book stores. He spent his time learning, training his soul body with various martial arts, reading and gathering information not to mention heavily abusing probability engines to try and grasp what he could do to fix himself. Slowly time passed but he did not age he sometimes visited his body and it seemed nothing had changed. After a long time he figured out what kind of powers he had and how to fix his damaged soul but it meant he had to re forge not only his soul but powers as well.

He remained in a comma for nearly 2 years but time in the broken spirit world was nearly 200 years. After a few weeks of rehabilitation he found he had enough mana to cast a spell on himself he sealed away his memoires from the spirit world as well as his soul flames. He returned to being a normal shy kid until his 17th birth day when memoires started to slowly creep back into his mind. At the age 25 he’s a failing student at the Magic collage, but due to him having a larger than average mana pool they kept him on for 4 years, he is mostly known for being a slacker and weirdo.  His researched the world he lived in so long, it seems to be in between dimensions, it was called the colorless world.
Slacker Powers and abilities

He did not let that time go to waste over the years he studied many types of magic and refined his knowledge under the nose of the teachers and students. He managed to adjust his soul enough to use magic more efficiently. He manages to re forge his dark based powers to make lay the ground work for his light based powers. His dark based powers are sealed up tight since he has not finalized the soul configuration but he’s able to access the abilities of the 2nd dark seal. This temporary configuration has allowed him to see people’s true nature and their auras and sometimes converse with their soul or conscious, it’s annoying because he likes to help others but hates fooling with people so he ignores it as much as he can but he can also plant positive subliminal messages without people realizing it so he can help without dealing with people most of the time.

His dark powers are locked in his left forearm dark chains and a separating staff/scythe, there are 5 levels he does not know the full extent of the fifth seal but it’s pretty bad.  His dark powers run off negative emotions such as suffering, desire, lust and hate.

The fourth seal is pure madness mode that’s enveloped in darkness and life absorbing energies with an insane level of speed and strength.

The third seal is a partial madness mode he can still control himself if it’s a short fight it grants more speed and strength than the third seal. He can also fully release the true scythe blade,  alter souls and can fully use absorption and osmosis at will along the dark chains. Invoking a chant can focus all of his power on a few targets primarily devouring/removing what he does not like.  Releasing the third seal means sacrificing his left arm when the battle is over it will induce incrusting levels of phantom pain over a few hours the dark chain will automatically build an arm out of chain then cover it with bandages then over time it will slowly build a new arm of flesh for it to inhabit.

The second seal is a super powered mode it grants average super speed and strength that runs mainly off suffering since the chains constrict his left forearm and naw into his flesh and bones all the time.

The first seal is a light powered mode that allows him to control a higher number of stronger dark chain, offers marginal super speed and strength but fully activates the dark chainmail under his skin.  

There is a thin fine lawyer of dark chainmail under his skin at all times, it only has 2 modes inactive and active, in inactive mode it’s not much better than modern body armor, when its activated its nearly imposable to get past but bruising of internal organs and bone fractures are possible.

His dark powers also constantly heal him but the worse the injury is the faster it heals so it’s randomly effective.

His other abilities are testing his powers by putting into a magic gem, he can create a slightly less powerful facsimile and do real world testing, these gems take a while to make. He also uses magical drones he calls minions, a facsimile of a simple spirit creature capable of various respective tasks they are round, misty/hazy and float. They are mostly clueless and clumsy outside of simple jobs at one time they could speak but after a couple dozen started to banter and argue in groups of 2 or 3 at a time he forced them to be silent. They can communicate with other non-minions using writing on card board signs and mini computer screen.

Light based powers are through a device called the sword of light. It’s made up of a powerful energy core, a hilt, a blade that’s good at disturbing energy and a sheath, most of the time it’s bandaged because when its fully activated it slowly drains all the energy in the core then in his mana pools. Even when not activated he can use some of its power, he uses a power doubling technique to expand his mana pool and go into a super powered fighting state. The bandaged sword can still thinly cut, shoot and bash things so he does not have to use the blade much at all.

Man characters; Rinne “Rin” Tachibana (nick name Ice queen, hated nick name blizzard woman)


Age 18, Average height, small body build, medium breasts, long black hair, green eyes. Generally wears kimono’s is quite but decisive and intelligent and tends to only talk when she must. She’s the only child of the Tachibana Clan of demon slayers, they pass down a summonable spirit blade ,Crimson Tsubaki, all of those who inherited the blade become part of it when they pass on however the original user was female and the spirit of the sword sometimes takes human form of which is made out of all the past female personalities which tends to appear as a floating short girl with her hair in a bun in a yukata she holds a paper parasol/umbrella and a lot of grudges thus her personality is warped, she is called Lady Tsubaki and hates being called an old lady. Her family is mostly conservative and traditionalistic. Her abilities revolve around speed, paper talismans and swordsmanship that’s enhanced with ice magic. Besides swordsmanship and combat training she’s in the top 5 in Kendo on campus. She lives at the schools female dorms, and is thankful to get away from her family.

At the collage she studies a broad range of subjects but spends a good amount of time in matches and fighting other ability users to gain experience and compete in tournaments. She’s the collages number one beauty and is bothered by alot of male students either asking her out or asking for a mock match. With the collages permission she is able to use her spirit blade in high level matches.

Her father is over protective, her mother is a bit silly/aloof but also spends a lot of time managing the house hold of which she dose perfectly, her grandfather loves mischief.

Man characters; Lisa Redmore (nickname red wings, hated nickname Redwood, because she’s taller than most girls and she likes high places)


Age 20, Just a tiny bit taller than Rinne with a more muscular build, smaller breasts, short red hair. She’s a tomboy who is much as an athlete as a fighter. She has very bad temper and is very competitive which always gets her in fights. She’s in the top 5 of the campus’s beauty rankings. She lived with her brother for a long while and now living in a cheap apartment in town. Mother died when they were young, father is an abusive alcoholic.

Her powers are fundamentally wind based, she covers herself in green enhanced wind particles which give her great strength, speed and defensive abilities her favorite attacks are jumps and kicks. She’s uses many different martial art styles that focus on speed and chain hits.

She is constantly harassed by a large muscular male named Hiro Strome(his nick name is hero storm but most call him Brute), he’s not a bad guy just hopelessly annoying to the girl of his dreams, his power is strength based and can change his body into very hard bio metals, he is the leader of a one of the much lesser group/gangs on campus. Generally they are harmless but they can be very annoying.

Story points

One day after he creates the basic form of the dark seals he gets tired of his solitude and wanders the campus more and more, he seen a fight between Lisa Redmore and Hiro Strome but this one is a bit different, she’s given him an ultimatum if he wins she will marry him if he loses he no longer bothers her. He made a comment to those that gathered around that if anyone wanted to fight over her now’s the time. Hiro turns around and charge up his magical energies that rip his shirt apart leaving him shirtless.

As they fight something seems off so he watches the fight as the crowd gathers around and yells no one notices that Hiro has gone into an automated rage mode which amplifies his speed, strength and defense.  After a couple minutes fighting and tossing random verbal assaults Lisa realizes she’s losing the fight which starts to effect willpower thus lowering her abilities, she is then knocked to the ground. During this time he talks with Hiro’s shadow which represents his conscious mind.  He is very flustered mainly because this is not how he wanted to fight her but he’s winning so he’s kind of happy.

But the slacker then says

“So you are happy to break her and force her into submission? “

This forces Hiro to realize his mistake but he cannot control himself and he starts crying both in mind and on his face he lunges at Lisa. Her mind flashes her life before her eyes with a few extra images and her being the Brutes wife which makes her want to cry and give up, as she yells some one save me in her head. The Slacker quickly steps in between Hiro and Lisa and uses Aikido to spin and knock Hiro off balance which knocks him back a few feet, his friends try and hold him down he seems to calm down a bit. Lisa glares at the Slacker who turns around and tells Lisa with an evil grin

“I swear you should know males are dumb enough to make themselves stronger sometimes merely by chasseing something shiny. But I wonder what will you give me for saving you?”

Lisa gets flustered and gets up off the ground and starts yelling at the Slacker who ignores her. Hiro stands up and starts walking toward them. The Slacker ignoring Lisa walks toward Hiro who’s still lost in rage mode. The Slacker glares yells.

“Stand down.”

Hiro senses something in the Slacker and starts back pedal a few steps then snaps charging up magical energies he’s transforming into a stronger bio metal. The Slacker starts talking to himself.

“Ah crap all I have available are a few minions, acouple emergency barrier gems and the first and second dark seal. Tcchh….. I guess I will go with second seal and use barrier gem set to mana dispersion chaff mode that should blind most people here.”

The slacker runs towards Hiro who tries to punch him but the Slacker doges his Punch and lands both palms on Hiros chest the chaff barrier explodes turning some of Hiros mana into a thick particle mist around them. With his other palm he whispers second seal release and Hiro is wrapped in dark chain that crush him and zap his strength, it’s barely enough to knock him out as Hiro falls to the ground his magic energies disperse causing a great gust that blows away the particle mist reveling the Slacker whose left sleeve is dripping blood, standing over Hiro who is fast asleep snoring on the floor.

The Slacker *sighs* and walks off as the crowd already bored starts walking away. Lisa checks Hiro who seems to only have a few bruises on him. She scowls at his friends to not let him near her for acouple months then runs after the Slacker.

He’s walking off with a slight limp dripping a bit of blood from his left arm.She runs up near him out of breath and yells.

“Where do you think you are going? “

The Slacker stops an says while facing away from her..

“ Oh? I thought I was done, since I now have a lovely headache I thought I might go and crawl under a rock. What want to join me?”

She almost loses it but clams herself down and asks.


The slacker says

“I suppose I could answer that but first, the reward.”

Lisa’s face turns red.

The Slacker then turns and smiles.

“About the only thing I could offer you of any worth is a date to the steak house in town. But even that would be asking too much.”

Lisa remains confused and the Slacker continues. “I do not need a reason to be kind but I guess I am the only one here who thinks that. Besides once he lost himself to foolish rage the match was over with no winner or loser. I merely ensured the wellbeing of the fighters who tried to give it their all. ”

He pauses for a moment.

“Yes, yes, let’s go with that.”

The Slacker starts to walk off. Lisa starts fume and says that does not answer anything.
The slacker sighs and glares at her which makes her jump back a bit. He sighs again and says.

“You really should not bet your life or your body , honor is great and all but it’s not everything. Besides you are worth so much more than being a middle tier fighter or beautiful woman…. A Soul which shines upon the glimmering darkness should strive to shine brighter.”

He walks away while saying.

“Happiness, kindness, warmth these are things that we need to fend off the seas sorrow.”

She stands there pondering his words then starts getting mad because nothing is making scene.

“That’s it I am going back to my room, uhg another outfit torn up….oh crap do I have food in the fridge?”

End story point 1  
Rinne “Rin” Tachibana

Many seek the Ice Queens attention, she puts up with a small group of “friends” they are highly intelligent and capable people but one could hardly call them friends. But they keep some of the riff raff away. She’s more focused on her studies and combat training than much else so she can be silly and out of touch when dealing with some modern things.

The Slacker secretly wondered into Kendo class again in full Kendo gear, when he first did so he instantly hated it since there were to many rules to follow but he loved freestyle so he seeks in now and then, the Kendo club is broken into Super, Male and Female divisions, the Male and Female divisions are subdivide into 4 levels and Super into 3 divisions based on the ability of the user. The highly intelligence and multi-talented vice-captain of the male division knows he randomly sneaks into different level events but he manages to surprise the vice-captain half with his abilities and half with his lack of abilities so he ignores him. Today they are doing traditional Kendo which has a few of the males and the Slacker bored so they sit and watch the females on the other side of the large training room. Rinne is acting as Captain and bossing them around, while she might be harsher than the female’s captain they are learning things quickly from her and generally do not mind her strict nature. She loves traditional Kendo as it’s very organized and straight forward but she has been enjoying free style a lot lately.

The male’s that are sitting and watching point over to the corner of the room where a few guys with laptops and scanners are cataloging data about Rinne, before they started they asked if they could their intent is come up with a strategy to beat her in free style since she did not see the harm in it she let them be as long as they could try and provide a program to better gauge the capability of any kendo or melee fighter than the collages current system , the leader of the “kendo science team” is an ex low level kendo student who like half the school is memorized by Rinne The Slacker looks over to them and sees a dark cloud around them and sighs. He’s starting to feel they really are up to no good but then again jealousy and other petty emotions can darken the auras around people. He sighs and he starts to feel a headache coming on then decides to leave but then in walks the leader of the kendo science team.

The Slacker says lowly.

“Oh great another one..”

The leader glares at the Slacker with a dark glare then moves on to Rinne then he says.

”They have finished making a plan to beat her in free style. And then asks when they may have a match. Rinne says right now if the female Kendo captain allows it. Since it’s a slow day.”

Rinne looks at the female captain who nods back at her.

The leader then says

“Very well then, accept this contract scroll. If you can beat me then not only will it be invalid you will truly be untoucable by all but the 5 highest class warriors in this collage. “
Then he hands her a contract scroll, Rinne looks it over, it basically makes her his wife, as long as it does not interfere directly with her combat training.  The slacker gazes into their shadowy auras and sighs. She says nothing and puts the scroll in a chest pocket. She then readies her sword.

The slacker takes his helmet off which surprises half the room especially the male division captain and says .

“I swear every one of you….  So you are saying your body is worth a bet with that? “

The leader says .

“I am here you know… you are ignoring me aren’t you.”

The Slacker continues while ignoring him.

“It’s the same as betting your soul, are you willing to allow your soul to go dull over a stupid bet, what good dose honor do you with a hollow soul?”

Rinne starts to get angry her eyes light up and the Slacker says.

“Finally… those are the eyes of someone living, then again I am one to talk.”

Talking to himself the slacker says.

“Oh crap all I got is a barrier gem left….I’m need some something more to quickly limp away from this.”

The temperature of the area drops and a snowflakes dance around Rinne and most people start running.

The leader who is behind the Slacker says

“Hey… I’m still here you know….”

“Rinne slashes out with her wooden sword as compressed ice blade covered in snowflakes slices through the air toward the Slacker “

He quickly jumps back and says.

“You wanted her here have some icey love.”

As he holds the leader in front of him the leader just notices the ice blade coming to him.

The slacker tosses out his last barrier gem and both go flying across the room out a window Rinne catches a glance of the Slackers laughing face.

Rinne yells while pointing at the window with her wooden sword. And says in a rare loud voice.

The barrier gem was set to bounce mode and barely lasted long enough to protect them from both Rinnes attack and the landing.

He can’t resist poking the leader in the head with his wooden sword and say

“Hey… dear leader…are you living..?”

The slacker chuckles to himself and uses some dark chain inline skates to quickly leave the area just before people from the kendo classes show up.

Rinne was not to happy, even less so when the jealous members of the soon to be disbanded kendo science team found and gave her the notes the leader had made of the things he would do to her.

She glared at the leader as he woke up and noticed his notes. The terror left in his soul from her gaze will never be forgotten.  But she is angrier with the slacker who ran off.

The next day with the help of the female kendo division managed to corner the Slacker in the cafeteria at launch time the next day. Rinne glares at him.

The slacker says.

“I am not sharing go and get your own discounted meal…but I doubt there are any left… “

Some of the kendo girls yells at him

“You bastard treat her with more respect. “

The Slacker replies
“Respect is given when respect is given, being glared at while eating is a bad as being drooled over by the boys here.”

Some of the boys overheard that and yell.

“Hey you want to start a fight! “

Rinne pulls out a chair and sits down and says

“My apologies “
The girls are a bit annoyed but she gives them a quick look and they quite down.
“But you are worst are you not, it seems everyone hates you.”
The slacker replies
“They hate me because they do not know me, ignorance breeds both contempt and inflates one ego. So princess what can I do for you?”
The girls start flaring up over the princess comment but Rinne holds her hand out.
“Oh… So you make them dislike you so they will not come to know you.”
The slacker sighs again then smiles and says
“Awww.. I been found out.  But really what can I do for you so that you and your entourage will leave? “

Rinne says
“There is this matter of a debt owed.”
The slacker sigh and says
“Reward.. eh?”
Rinne clinches her fist and says
“Frankly the only thing I could offer you is somewhat decent dual, but right now I am in no shape for it.”
The girls start to get mad again and the Slacker looks at them and winks and says
“Round is a shape is it not.”
They are put off by his expression and they lose the will to argue for the moment.
Rinne looks puzzled.
The slacker says
“You do not seem to understand so I will tell you, a one sided wish begs nothing but sorrow. So I try for a middle ground if I cannot avoid it completely. I am the strange type who dislikes people and the world thus is unmotivated. But my main attribute other my girth is kindness so I randomly act on things I can not stand. I’m sorry to say you’ll have to take a rain check for now. “

The slacker gets up and picks up his tray.
“So now then if you do not mind I wish to maintain my solitude for as long as I can and eat alone.”
Rinne nods then waves her hand at the kendo girls who disperse and glare at the slacker who walks off to the other side of the cafeteria.  She recalled a conversation she had with the male division vice captain.
“He is interesting that one, I get the feeling his awkwardness is mostly for show, a few times I have seen him back upper level students down with a mere look. No matter how he tries to hide or run he cannot run away from himself I guess that is the fate of those who carry twin dragons.”  
Rinne investigates the Slacker past and current status, while the collage labels him as a low to mid-tier device user he has been seen in and around strange occurrences. Then there is the matter of his childhood.  Rinne finally decides to deal with him and starts to harass him every chance she gets for a upper tier mock battle. After a day even he realizes she will not give up.

Upon the battle stage everything is broadcasted and recorded and clearly seen and heard by the audience..

“Uhg…. This is annoying now I know how the top ranked beauties feel, I know I am hottie and you want to get in my pants but can’t you just leave me alone Miss Stalker?”

Rinne smiles and draws her sword

“Your words do you a disservice, you cannot deflect and distract me from the truth. I merely wish to gauge your power, it will be interesting to see the flames of a dragon. “

“Oh? I been found out again….. “

The sighs and says

“This is annoying…. I am sorry to disappoint you but I no longer wield those flames. I went through so much trouble to re forge my soul and powers without many noticing, I just barely finished laying the foundation for them.”

Rinne says.

“Oh? So you say you do have power? “

The slacker says.

“Perhaps, but even if I do why are so you concerned? There are many strong ones here.”

Rinne says.

“Perhaps so but none are very interesting if anything they are predictable which makes them kind of boring. I want you to fight you at the best of you capabilities.”

The Slacker says

“Is that so? No wonder you look bored most of the time… So basically you merely wish to fight the strong ones and bring prestige and honor to your family? Very nice, very nice indeed even if you merely wish to warm your soul in the heat of battle there is not much I can say to dissuade you. So let me confirm you will not back down?”

Rinne says.

“Then we. “

The Slacker says.

“Wait a moment…. “

The Slacker sighs and says

“Unfortunately the best of my capabilities is rather limited right now, and I do mean that truthfully, most of my abilities are locked away and even if I finalize my systems, in this situation most are still not worth me dying over them, even so you will not back down?”

Rinne sheaths her sword and says.


The Slacker says.

“That does not mean I won’t fight you it’s just it will be to the best of my current capabilities once the finalization process is done. However I do have a request. “

Rinne  says.


The Slacker says.

“I will have you take full responsibility, whatever happens even if blood sweat or tears or money, well mostly money…. “


“Oh my, oh my I thought you were a bit less crude than that do you want me?”


“Not really.. however this must be a soul pelage, I will take nothing less.”

Rinne is a bit shaken…

The Slacker says.

“Winning or losing is not really a concern for me, if I lose do whatever you want, if I win do what can without stressing yourself out to much over it. I’m hardly worth it.  You want the best I can do right now and that’s just it, it’s all I will focus on. “

Rinne says

“Then let me ask you this then is it okay if I can go all out?”

Slacker gives her an evil grin.

Whats the point in it if you do not give it your all?

Rinne yells .

“Come Crimson Tsubaki “

Rinne is engulfed in flower petals and translucent violet flames, she holds a red katana with flower decals and a matching scabbard.

The Slacker sighs and then waves his hand around and says

“Minion works! “

Many small minions appear out of nowhere, he waves his hands and a keyboard shows up then many data screens show up , as he sits in the air on a cushion of minions.

He says

“Give me a minute to unlock everything… “

The slacker types on the keyboard and waves his hand around moving from screen to screen. Rinne tries to speak and she hears a girl’s voice in her head.

“How interesting…..this one is going to be fun, maybe he will cure my endless boredom. “

Rinne thinks
“Lady Tsubaki?”

Rinne is summoned to the side line her father is calling…. A opaque bubble surrounds her that hides her conversion. On a small floating screen is her Dad , Mother and Grandfather. Her father is not one bit happy. Her father says while crying.

Father is not one bit happy, you need not fool with that scruffy round ball of fluff, father is on the verge of tears.

Rinne says.

“But father….I…”

Her mother says

“Oh why not he’s cute enough besides she can dump him anytime she wants.”

Her Grandfather is a bit drunk and yells at her father

“Fool leave her be, this one looks interesting! GO FOR IT!!!!”

She walks out of the bubble more determined than ever and gives him an agitated look.

The slacker sighs and waves his hand and the minion cushion and screens disappears leaving a few minions behind. He lands on feet then says and sighs.

“Why is it I piss every woman I meet off so much?  All the locks are off, I need to be in a few barriers for a moment while invoking the third seal.”

Three layers of barriers appear around the slacker as he holds out his left arm in front of him and yells

“Third dark seal… release”

The barriers bulge and crack while massive amounts of dark energy swirls about. He yells

Chain pentagram .

Chains shoot out from the floor missing the slacker but incasing him in a basket like ball breaking one of the barriers.

An echoing voice can be heard.

“Come to me o darkness, stay madness not another day , and devour the evil before me.”

The energies stabilize. With more echoing words he says

“Within darkness there is light
Within light there is darkness
Within light is born solitude, suffering and sorrow which forms darkness
Within darkness is born kindness, life and wisdom which forms light.”

Light starts to pour out of ball of chain as it slowly disintegrates ,for a moment Rinne is captivated by the light while on one knee breathing very hard the slacker says

“Alright that went better than expected. And stop with the glaring already I’ll catch a second wind here in a second.”

He slows his breathing down for a moment it looks like he fell asleep standing up. Then raises his right hand out and yells.

“Come sword of light!”

Before his hand a katana is formed first a powerful core, that inserts itself into the hilt, a blade is created then slides into the hilt, a sheath is formed and the sword then sheaths itself he then grabs the complete sword.

Then he yells.


Bandages snake out and cover the sword then a simple paper talisman covers the place where sheath and hilt meet. He then places it over his shoulder while holding it with his right hand. Rinne distracted by the guard-less sword just now notices his clothes changed some, he is now wearing a fedora and trench coat. She is a bit dismayed. Then Lady Tsubaki giggles and says.

“How wonderful.”

The slacker says with a smile.

“If you think my taste in clothes is bad then this will surprise you more, both of you better get ready.”

Rinne thinks to herself .


While Lady Tsubaki says.

“Nice, very nice!”

The slacker then says.

“Sorry for the wait, Sword of light, OVERDRIVE.”
Light energy engulfs the slacker as he moves with great speed around Rinne to give her a bit of a wakeup call, he then slowly starts to attack she parry’s all of them but he keeps going faster and faster.  She then quickly forms a quick small iceberg around her to capture him but he is already out of reach. He aims his sword like a rifle with one hand and starts blowing bits of it away. She concentrates and raises her sped up and send waves of cutting force at him he parry’s one but learns it’s better to dodge them since they warp around cutting things completely. While he is dodging she says.

“ Crimson Tsubaki first dance of moonlight.”

He fires a couple shots at her but only hits after images. He says to himself


He speeds up and tries to dodge all the after images then says.

“Gah! Spatial distortion?”

Rinne is trying to plan out attacks but after 2 moves ahead she starts thinking.

“What is this, why is he so strong? How did he know that?”

She fires off small ice spikes from different directions he blocks some with his sword and shoots down the others. Lady Tsubaki says to her.

“Calmness do not over analyze, try to see where the river ends, just flow with the water.”

Rinne calms her breathing then says.

“Crimson Tsubaki second dance of moonlight.”

The slacker is barely keeping up and parrying all the blows then says.

“Tch faster? “

He notices her smiling then says

“So you like it faster eh?”

He releases a bunch of energy knocking her and her after images away from him, he then charges up some energy and yells.


He’s faster than ever.

As the after images fall she starts to worry then invokes the final moonlight dance, but it’s too late. He thinks to himself.

“Sorry ladies, I need to finish this if I pass out now you I know you will hate me for all eternity.”

He then blacks out the images he is seeing and only focuses on the souls around him he then locks onto her soul and ignores the after images dodging them one after one. He then starts hitting her with blow after blow knocking her upwards high in the air he notices a little of damage to Crimson Tsubaki. He grimaces and quickly gets below her and yells.

“Last spell , FLARE”

A great amount of heat quickly builds up and a small sun the size of basketball is formed then starts to collapses on itself. She can feel the immense forces under her and relaxes giving up and says.

“I am sorry Father…. “

Lady Tsubaki says

Hey get back here!

Then the heat suddenly disappears.

The slacker then grabs her and while carrying her in front of him as he slowly descends to the floor.

“Oops…. I forgot that’s a city or country leveling spell…. And everyone is pissed at me because it broke the damage damping system…. I am never going to hear the end of this…..”

He lands on the floor, and looks at her, and sees no real damage just exhaustion but then Lady Tsubaki appears before them.

“Oh well do not worry about that, nothing can last forever but what are you going to do about her? “

The slacker says

Shes fine.

He then pours mana and limited healing energy into her. She wakes up and jumps out of his arms slightly embarrassed she looks at Lady Tsubaki and shakes her head.

The slacker then falls to one knee with a pained look on his face while saying.

“The soul sword, Tsubaki can be fixed, soul forging is a thing I can do, though it might be awhile before I can move. Equivalent exchange on whimsical magical systems has a horrible rate of return. “

As they look at him with a puzzled look he holds his left arm up and says.

“The price of darkness is suffering phantom pain.“
As his left arm slowly turns to dust and he reel’s in immense pain. He can barely talk but manages to say

“The.. light takes from tomorrow…. what it cannot take from today. “

He passes out twitching from relentless pain. Later they find out he told officials
“At worst the darkness will take an arm but it will grow back since it needs something to torture me with, the light is less forgiving, I’ll probably be in a comma for half a year from lack of willpower sicne I lack a good energy source to power light mode ….though otherwise no permanent damage since the form and shape of my current soul is already cracked giving me inconsistent quality in magic power and control….. Oh do not worry so much I’ve been running probabilities for years on this method it only has a 20% fail rate.”

At the hospital for a couple weeks the slacker rests in a coma.Minions appear and disappear all over the hospital keeping kids entertained and fixing and cleaning things. His arm is almost completely healed but some of the forearm and hand which have temporarily been replaced by a dark chain replica..
Hospital staff have seen him recently and Rinne and Lisa are on their way to check up on him. They arrive at his room but find he is not there, they ask the nurses and everyone starts looking for him. He’s on the gated roof in the light spring rain just staring up at the clouds and the clear blue sky beyond that peeks in between them.  Lisa outside near the entrance dashes out a bit the jumps up the building to the roof for a better view as Rinne opens the roof door. They run over to him and nearly ask at the same time how he is. He looks at them and sighs and says.

“Tired, stiff, hungry. Uhg it’s going to take a month to get rid of this headache much less move well. Least I can walk…kinda.”

He sighs again then says

“Aww it’s a good thing my rent and stipend is automatic. “

Rinne then says.

“Umm… about that….”

The slacker looks and smiles at Rinne then says.

“So you already moved me into your place?”

Lisa is shocked and says


Rinne starts twiddling her fingers a bit and said.

“Yu… you said to take responsibility for it….”

Lisa still shocked says.


The slacker chuckle and says.

“Now you know I did not necessarily propose, I just wanted the medical bills covered, but whatever…”

He stands up as they both grab each arm and help him stand as he says with a sigh.

“Slowly and surely the future creeps to us…. Ah Red are you still having trouble with your father staying at your place?”

Lisa looks away and nods as he replies.

“Ah... sorry…now both of you help me back to my room I am sure the hospital is having a fit.”

The hospital is kind of overjoyed to have him leave the minions might have fixed a few thing’s but due to their clumsy action they have pissed off some of the maintenance staff. He asks Lisa to come along to go over to Rinne’s family estate.

At Rinne “Rin” Tachibana traditional Japanese estate they all meet her family.

He father glares at him while her mother smiles and her grandfather says.

“Nice fight kiddo nice fight!”

The slacker replies

“Thanks the down time is a bitch though…”

Rinne grimaces as her mother glares evilly at him while her father and grandfather look away.

The slacker is a bit intimidated then says.

“No bad or out of context words I take it?”

The mother replies.

“Ho, ho a smart boy.”

The slacker rubs his head and says

“Ah… Sorry.”

A maid comes in and informs them dinner is ready, they move to the dining hall.

Convo on grades, performance  

Both bad, but randomly above average, it just depends, but I am going to have to fix that once I have a talk with the school board…

“The tricks I used were energy sorted over a few years’ time and a lot of compressing spells and formulas.”

Her father with look of interest says.

“Energy aside it would take a great amount of time to learn such things, would it not?”

He replies.

“Pretty much but I kind of cheated on that abit, perhaps I will tell all one day, but at least allow me to keep some secrets for now, some scars never really fade...”

Her father says.


Slacker asks about where on the property he is staying, they say it’s the 5 bedroom guest house.

“Is that so? Then I have a request.”

Her grandfather asks.

“And what would that be?”

“I would like for Lisa to live with us. She might be rough around the edges but she’s smarter than me and has better grades.”

There’s a bit of silence.

Father is shocked speechless, grandfather is laughing and says.

“You devil I like it I like it! Ha ha ha ha !!“

Her mother glows with a dark aura.

Lisa is very flustered and slaps him around and grasps his shirt and yells.


Rinne’s mother takes a sip of wine then says.

“That sounds great!”

Her aura vanishes as she blushes and she takes another drink.

Rinne starts mumbling to herself.

“Sigh…. Mother loves her television dramas…”

The slacker reaches out and pats Lisa and Rinne on the head.

“Neither of you really know me but both of you have a chance to unlocking my heart if you can find it, kindness is not real love it’s just a path of tolerating suffering and helping others after all. Besides I know you checked up me and all, it’s only logical you should check on the people closest to me. Other than a couple other people Lisa has had more time with me. Besides that you should know of her family situation, it would be a waste to lose a viable member of society.”

Rinne and Lisa are silent.

The slacker puts his hands down then says.

“Ah… I am doing it again… sorry I do not how to deal with people very well. I do not mean to talk down to anyone…it’s just….my perceptive of time is just a bit warped. I truly mean no harm but no matter what I do trouble follows so I just stumble along.”

A voice calls out
“Silly man you need to smile more not everything is gloomy.”

Lady Tsubaki appears before them.

Rinne’s father says.


She gives him a death glare and he locks up in fear.

Her mother says.


Rinnes grandfather yells.


And jumps to hug her. She kicks him across the room, he lands on his head and mumbles as he cries happy tears.

“I have missed you so!”

Lady Tsubaki walks over to the where grandfather was sitting and sits down.

“You are enjoying this... your heart is not that far away.”

The slacker says with a smile.

“I dislike lying so I am enjoying myself a bit.”

Both Rinne and Lisa look away as he puts an arm other both of them and says.

“But at the same time I am worrying about various outcomes. I do not mind if they grow to dislike me, I do not really mind being disliked that much, there are worse things than solitude in the living world.”

Both Rinne and Lisa look at his face then both of them hit him with their fists knocking him on his back, then get up and leave the room but wait outside the door with their backs to the wall they glare at each  other for a bit.

Lady Tsubaki says.

“Silly boy you need to be more truthful with yourself.”

The slacker gets up and sits back down then says.

“Time mends its own scars I suppose. “

Lady Tsubaki squints at him a bit then says.

“Whatever, I’ll leave it that for now but what are you going to do about me?”

Rinnes father says.
“What do mean mother? “

Lady Tsubaki summons the Crimson Tsubaki. It’s cracked here and there she unsheathes it some and more cracks show on the blade itself. The room is shocked albeit for Lady Tsubaki then starts glaring at the slacker.

The slacker drinks from a newly “acquisitioned” bottle of wine then sighs and says.

“Was not excepting a soul battle to do permanent damage. I suppose rushing a bit and focusing on not hurting Rin allowed it to happen, though only happened since the sword has weakened over time..”

Lady Tsubaki says!

“Silence! I did not ask for an explanation.”

The slacker sighs again and says

“I’ll fix it, the soul form is not too far away from what my damaged soul was and the soul forging techniques I know, should do the trick. “

Lady Tsubaki emits a powerful aura and says

“And if dose not? “

The slackers aura grows extremely powerful  a shadow is casted on the wall of two serpentine dragons making everyone else very uncomfortable scaring even Rinne and Lisa outside the door they peer inside as the slacker glares  at Lady Tsubaki  and says.
“I tire of this game of yours Lady Tsubaki, it’s within my abilities to fix it without destroying myself, but I need to recover before I can start. And if you are referring to a temporary replacement I can do that too if need be.”

Lady Tsubaki smiles and says with her hand over her mouth.

“So you can do it if you want too, interesting. I shall be watching.”

She than vanishes, Rinne and Lisa walk off, Lisa follows Rinne to the guest house and they sit in the living room trading glances at each other..

Rinne’s grandfather gets up and has an evil grin across his face then leave the room from the  door opposite the one Rinne and Lisa went out of. The slacker relaxes and his aura vanishes, he crosses his arms then sighs and says.

“Sheesh every one of you…..  Just do not keep your expect much…….”

The slacker then gets up and bows.

“Now if you do not mind I am tried and wish to rest.”

Rinnes mother waves her hand and maids take him to the guest house, he pauses and stairs off at the moon and sighs bows to the maids to dismiss them. Then stands watching the moon slowly move as he recalls watching it as it jump across the dark sky in the colorless world. He then starts to get cold the he walks into the guest house living room. He looks at the girls who are asleep and shakes his head. He looks around for a maid but it seems the guest house does not have any, he looks out the door and says to himself.

“Drama, eh?”

He shakes his head and looks in the rooms one of the futons is a large size so he brings it into the living room then goes and gets some blankets and pillows, he moves the coffee table then puts down the futon with a blanket on it then carefully puts Lisa and Rinne on the futon then covers then, he takes the three remaining blankets and sleeps on the floor behind a couch near the wall. The he sighs and gets up and walks out the door and says.

“I see you grandpa…. “

RInnes grandfather is sitting in a cherry blossom tree drinking from a wine bottle and says.

“Kind… far to kind… you’ll only make them hate you , you know…”

The slacker sighs and says.

“It’s all I know, it’s what kept me going. Though I suppose it works better on shadows and imaginary friends. Heh the colorless world forged a rather awkward weapon.”

RInnes grandfather spits out some wine and says

“You? Mmmmm colorless world I’ve heard that before….…..wait?  What do you mean?”

The slacker turns and says

“Time either makes us or breaks us though for some of us it doses both…..hehehehe, forgive my ramblings young master, my clues might be lost on the drunk.”

The slacker walks back into the guest house and goes back to sleep in a safe spot behind the couch.

RInnes  grandfather says to himself.

“Mmm wait young master? What is that pup rambling about….. oh well….”

He takes another swig then jumps down and dashes away quickly but runs into another tree….then another tree….. he falls to the ground thinking…

“I thought there were only 6 trees out here….”

Two maids pick him up and say.

“We’ve come to take you to bed.“

He fringes passing out and grabs their butts, they grab him by the ears and he stops and complains. They walk him to his room drop him on his bed then walk away.


Teacher’s board
3 Teachers and the collages chairman.

Walks into the meeting room with a cart with stacked papers on it 5 feet high

Research, soul forging techniques, the colorless “in-between” world, magic gem techniques

Sereii is the library computer system and calls the slacker professor or master. When asked why professor she replies.
“It was designation since entering the school for 200 years, error staring date is 3xxxx ending date is 3xxx. Error in time calculation but no error in library time usage.”
Teacher C:
“Thats imposable!!”
Slacker says
Automatous creatures like Serii have a different perspective of time and their sense’s reach beyond this world, it’s not impossible a fraction of my soul was lost to the colorless world that exists beyond the flow of time and logic. Why she calls me master I dare not think of why...
Teacher B:
“ That is possible but does not really explain the usage time.”
“That’s fine, we will time to read over your documentation.”
The slacker says that’s fine I can barely move as is, I will be away for a few months. I will be staying at the Tachibana residence for a while, least till they throw me out.
Random story rumble days.
My random stories are short infodumps of random story/setting/conversationbstuff.

A rare long one, 9k words.
Random story Imagine fantasy  king of fools
Hero gets transferred from earth to medieval magic lands somehow, its semi peaceful in and around the capitals only a few lords are infighting with each other on a large scale but most of the kings are fighting for land/resource’s.

Class based system King, Lord, Nobel, merchant, warrior, peasant, Animal races (30% or so of the population), slave

Many types of humans with animal features, features are primarily from the mothers side only a few have strengths from both parents, features tend to be the strengths of the animal they are derived from, most have super human abilities. Animal races are highly discriminated against and have little legal power unless backed by a Lord or Nobel.

Females are treated better than animal races but still have less social power than males unless given power from Lords or Nobles.


Hero appears out in the fields one day, hes a bit clumsy, silly and fat. After being in a bit of a shock and being confused he quickly learns he can imagine magical powers and use them. He runs across some bandits and learns he can read minds if he concentrates enough he takes some of their stuff giving them a warning to walk cleaner path, he finds a small farm village almost is attacked as a bandit but he says he was attacked by bandits then managed to get some cloths off another bandit, he gives them all his money and asks to work for some cloths, leather a sword and such and gears up a bit by doing odd jobs. He manages to beat up and scare off a group of bandits that randomly attack the village. He sets off to the city but cannot find any worthwhile info on the world’s magic and lore in the city but learns a few magic tricks as well using spirits to secretly spy and view things. He hears about a magic school that’s close by near a large forest. He goes to investigate.

He investigates the magic school and it’s a small heavily defend fort complex. And it also happens to be an all-girls school with all female staff. He ponders if he should spy or not then thinks he does not have the time to worry about silly things but worries about the wrath of women so creates super stealth spy spirits.  

He sends a few around at night to test the waters, then after a few days living in the forest he then sends them into the library, mostly using them at night he starts looking up random stuff. After a few days he’s not making much gathering much information other than magic in this world is divided into groups based on elements and common attributes, a magic style is one’s own personal repartee of magic they have easily learned. Super style is being able to learn many types of magic and single style refers to magic that’s within a certain theme.

He gets bold and sends the spy’s into normal classes and starts learning more and more. Then after about 2 months some students where tests different spells one was a hard to understand fireball spell it flew off and hit a spy spirit destroying its invisibility cloak the girls were scared by it and alarmed the teachers the teachers and students gather to cast many simple detection spells.  While not fully reveling any spy spirit there were a lot of ripples in the air and the teachers knew something was going on, they then casted a very powerful detection spell. Which made all the spy spirit visible. The girls start to freak out but the teachers and a few upper classmen saw that all the spy spirit were mostly around the library and nabbing simple paper and ink items,  one of the elite battle maid squads followed the spy spirit back to their creators camp hidden in a super invisibility bubble. The hero is dead asleep in the middle of the afternoon. They slowly move to him then jump at him using retraining spells and nets. After the dust settles from their attack they notice that he is gone. He yawns and rocks back and forth above them on a tree limb.

He says

“I been found out eh? “

And yawns

The captain of the squad takes a look around it’s mostly copies of normal books and other information, with other things and furs gathered from the forest.

The captain says

“It seems you been spying on us for a while.”

He replies

“Not really I just been using the library, I really do not have a death wish ya know.”

He rubs his sleepy eyes as the captain single them to attack but the branch he is on breaks due to his weight and he crashes down to the ground on his back. Dismayed the maid squad jumps back. While a brow on the captain twitches she readies her sword and says

“He may be a fool but do not let your guard down.”

The Hero staggers up and dusts himself off and sighs and says.

“ I won’t run but I can explain myself, you do know there are no good magic schools in the area and the bookstore and library in closest city is very lacking in magic information much.”

The maids ignore him attack he dodges them with ease parrying their attacks with a short sword.

After a few moments the maids are a bit winded and the captain is still trying to make a plan to get him, the maids switch to magic and charge up their spells.

He smiles and says

“I guess it’s my turn now, if I am seen as a devil then a devil I shall be.”

He dashes around and around they barely can keep an eye on him then a gust of wind comes by and half of them drop to the ground and bras and panties rain down. He tries hard not to giggle but starts laughing to himself. The flustered maids on the ground yell at him the more battle centric ones ready to attack him.

The captain says

“A warning?”

The hero replies

“Maybe, maybe not. Maybe I am a devil or maybe not. Maybe I am a hero or maybe not. Maybe I wish to learn of this world before setting out to destroy evil or maybe I just want to destroy and rule. It’s all a matter of perception in the end. “

He snaps his fingers and all the underwear is returned to where it was worn and says

“But, there again I am man thus a fool, I’ll claim the title king of fools over being a called a devil gladly. But this will hardly sooth your wrath. Then come! Believe or not believe I will fight you with all I have but I will not kill you nor do lasting damage.  If you can put a scratch on me then I will abide by your commands, at least until I get bored.”

The captain smiles and says

“This school has one of the strongest anti magic cells in the country. “

The hero smiles back and says

“So be it, if you can contain me then it must be my density, I after all do not take trespassing upon females lightly for even the gods fear their wrath after all.”

The captain lungs at him and they fly off crossing swords the squad fallows as best they can but are finding it hard to keep up, randomly they fire random magic at him be he either dodges it or destroys it with his sword. They quickly move out into the fields beyond the forest it’s not long before they run across a group of bandits finishing up a on a couple horse carriages and a few bodies. The maids are glaring at the bandits who see them a few dozen feet away.

The hero turns and says

“Bandits eh? My apologies captain.”

The whole area is filled with an aura that induces paralyzation and fear and everyone can hear what the hero says.

He disappears and reappears 5 or 6 times then appears before one of the bandits an adolescent girl can be heard crying in the cart, she is hold her dead mother. The hero then says.

“Oooohhh…. What a fine mess this is, seems you’ve done some damage and I take it the crying girl is un harmed because she’ll be sold off eh? “

The bandits look on in fear as he grabs the one he is near by the head. The bandit cries out in pain as the hero says.

“Oh? You can’t a little bit of pain, oh… what’s this, attack a noble taking his daughter to magic school with 5 guards and his wife, kill them all but the father, ….oh the father set it all up and you guys got greedy.”

As the hero closes his hand on the bandit’s skull the bandit busts into dust he sighs and say.

“You know life and death are more like ice than stone? Oh well there are dozen bandits here so I will use their life energy mix it with my own and revive those who are redeemable. “

The whole area is washed in a bright flash the dark aura quick vanishes. 1 bandit was unharmed, 4 guards and the mother of the girl are brought back to life and healed of any damage they had, the rest of the bandits turned to dust.  

The unharmed bandit starts jumping around yelling

“What? Eh? I’m alive! “

And then is quickly pounced upon by maids that knock him to the ground and tie him up.

The hero falls to the ground, out of breath the hero says.

“Don’t kill him he’s just a fool.”

The mother and girl look at the girls dead father then stare out to the hero, the girl ignorant to her families secrets starts to cry out but her mother holds her then looks her in the eyes and shakes her head the girl then cries in her mother’s arms.

The captain walks up to the hero on the ground and asks.

“And, now what?”

The hero replies smiling at her putting her a bit off-guard

“I’m beat, I am tired, I am hungry, do what you want.”

The captain draws her sword and jabs it at his head but stops before cutting him, the hero is now asleep. She cuts his cheek a bit then says.

“As he promised if we scratch him we win, so get him in the carriage we shall head back to the school.”

In the prison cell he looks around a bit. Seems it’s a small converted stable of some sort a large doorway at front with the cell covering the back a meal is brought to him. He jumps around a bit in a happy mood which made the guard laughs a bit but other guards are not pleased. The food is not that bad he hands the dishes back and they leave.

In the morning he awakes to hearing moaning sounds. He gets up out of being warped up in blankets and notices 2 girls making out. He says

“That’s a lovely scene and all but you do know someone else is in here, sorry for taking one of the good hiding stops from you.”

They look at then stare at him then quickly get up and run out. One walks back to the door and bows at him, he waves at her, and she runs off while laughing to herself.

He then starts thinking to himself

“Let’s see so I try and concentrate power the anti-magic cell disturbances it and absorbs it. So what happens if I do that outside the cell. Mmmmm.. “

He sits down and starts to focus on the construction of the cell then slowly put tiny spell bits through the hairline cracks in the cell , after a few days he makes a key system where he can override the cell.

He over hears a couple students talking outside the door about the difficulty of putting power into a spell to make it work. He starts talking to himself. And the grils try and listen in, soon there is a small group.

“Power is great and all but you have to have a knack for it, if it does not come naturally then you have to work around the issue in various ways. Forcing will power through strict and limited methodologies seems a bit brutish, I mean mages are not soldiers who are taught how to bash things regardless of what the problem is. Shouldn’t you expand the mind and look at a problem from all angles then apply the minimum force needed to active the spell?  Though I guess dexterity of the mind might take too long to learn how to use efficiently but it makes up for it in using less stamina which means stronger magic can be used. “

A snobbish noble girl stands in the door way and yells at him

The hero waves her off and says

“Whatever I am not a good mage I just clumsy push through things like any half-witted male dose.”

Which makes half the girls giggle a maid walks up to them and asks if they have studies to attend to and they  walk away going to their assigned tasks. The maid walks into the room and the hero says.

“Oh are they going to hang me today?”

The maid then sits on her knees and begs the hero for help

“Please help us. A basilisk went on a rampage 3 days ago in the forest 2 combat maid teams went to fight it but most of them were hurt or turned to stone. They are being taken care of in one of the older underground dormitories. Please help us.”

The hero asks

“Oh you have the key then? “

She looks at him with a sad expression and shakes her head. Then says

“If I use my life up I can temporarily disable the cell, you should be able to get out then, I have ehard you are not bad, you even try and teach the students.”

The hero looks at her and says

“What are you stupid? “

The maid starts to tear up and begs

The hero sighs then says

“Since there is no one else here I assume this your plan alone, the others will be pissed if you go off alone, if anything bring a few of them here and maybe a captain or 2, though I bet their pride would prevent them from doing anything.”

She pauses for a moment and says

“So you will help us?”

He replies

“Show me the determination of your friends and team, bring a few here let me here what they have to say, being a proud warrior is all well and fine, but being too arrogant and summing no one will help is what makes me hate people.”

A group of combat maids come at midnight but no captains or teachers were asked. The headmistress of the school appears behind them and asks what they are doing and why are they are going against the rules.

The hero replies and says

“If the rules hurt more than help then they are evil and I have a time not destroying evil ya know.”

The headmistress looks at him and says

“What can you do from there? The rules bind and constrict you.”

The hero sighs and stands up and walks up to the bars and says

“Mmmm the rules I do not like I dodge the rules I can stand I tend to ignore the rules I follow I tend to abide by.”

He snaps his fingers and the cell bars disappear. Everyone is shocked the maids read their weapons.

The hero cracks his neck and says

“One of my rules is to repay debts when you can. If anything I have been a burden on the school there go I have no right to refuse a request nor leave until I have decided I have repaid my debt here, do not worry I will not run off after all kindness is one rule I live by and the one rule I shall die by. So headmistress shall I take the cell back out of storage or may I help them?  “

The headmistress sighs says

“Help them of course but at least put the cell back you ingrate.”

The Hero snaps his fingers and the cell is reformed behind him. He then bows and says

“Alright then ladies this is date night take me where you wish.”

He’s taken down to the medical lab

Most the combat maids that are hurt only wince in pain and do not speak, a few are turned to stone and held together by magical wards there are a few more in the next room that either turned to stone or dead.

“Mmm so twenty targets need to be either revived or healed, this is going to be tricky.”

One of the team captains has long green hair and she hates men, even with one arm and leg turned to stone she gets ups and yells at them for taking help from a man. She pushes and wraiths around knock the maids holding her up away she almost falls to the ground but the hero catches her and says.

“A tough one eh? But if no one can help you will die or no longer be able to fight much less kill yourself.”

She spits in his face then says she’d rather die as her stone leg and arm fall off.

The hero then says

“See now no one will marry you.”

She looks at him and with much rage than then turns to sadness and she starts to cry.

The hero then says

“See it’s not that hard to cry, we live therefor we feel therefor we live when we must, we are happy when we must, we cry when we must and we die when we must. We also should ask for help when we must, else solitude will drag us into oblivion.”

He then sets her on her bed and looks around then says

“I will need everyone here to focus some of my magic, I’m going to interlink everyone together this will lower your health some but you will fully recover from it, I will filter out the damages and stone poison into myself. If we are lucky no one has to stay dead. I’ve not exactly got the best food or exercise of late so I will need your help, if you are afraid to help then leave the rooms.”

A few leave the room and head down the hall everyone else gets into position. The rooms are filled with a cold darkness as the unharmed maids start to glow then slowly the dead ones start to shimmer. The hero’s voice echoes throughout the school

“Hear me darkness bind these fools with the chains of my burdens and protect them from the greedy hands of death, trade our life’s blood to heal the wounded and dead. Drink in the storm within my soul to bind their sprits and bring to me their burdens and scars, my suffering shall be price paid summon thee.”

The unharmed maids almost pass out as light floods the room, the other maids in the hallway come rushing in. All the combat maids are healed but unconscious. The hero is on the ground completely turned to stone. They look upon him in awe rather than fear or sorrow then the stone cracks and falls off his skin and clothing. He’s badly bruised and has many signs of being poisoned but he is alive.    

They take him into the next room and watch over him.
Random story Imagine fantasy king of fools
My random stories are short infodumps of random story/setting/conversationbstuff.

This one is 3k words or so, not to bad at least not a LOP clone LOL
Random story Heroes and Goddesses

Notes:Lord of Power alt story maybe? I dunno this one a one off one off though the basic premise is good need to re roll with a new hero maybe….

Normal conventional medium tech earth

World governments have slowly been fighting more and more dark humanoid creatures, they seem to leak into the world from another dimension and the wall between worlds is about to break.

Far off between dimensions upon the world of Brilliant Asha immortal mutli-dimensional beings spend their time in leisure, they have vast power to alter reality. The general birth rate is low and only a few males are born so the vast majority of the population is female. Currently males control most of the political power in the government and busy themselves with growing and optimizing their factions.

Due to this the Goddess management system was made, a system made to turn lower sentient beings, male or female,  into “Heroes” and the rare Hero will become a God. Heroes are any sentient being with a powerful imagination strong enough to lay a foundation for their powers. Goddesses manage a single Hero or groups of them, rarely a few Goddesses will back a single hero.
As the wall breaks down and the world is flooded with dark beings bent on destroying everything the Goddesses reach out and telepathically tell the world’s population what is going on and pick people with power of imagination and they appear floating over world upon an invisible floor with various screens showing whats happening all over the world, some want to much power and are forced to pick something else, some are too afraid to put their lives on the line.

One 30 something sighs and sits down.

Imagination eh?  All I can think of is my Sword of Light and Staff of Darkness….mmmmm and that’s nearly god tier stuff right Goddess?

A short long blue haired girl with her finger on her forehead looks through a bunch of information and says

Mmmmmmm it seems a bit much, sorry.

30 something says

Even if both work on the concept of compensation I’d need both to destroy all the dark targets and save all the people.

Blue haired goddess

Compensation? Save the world? Are not aiming to high?

30 something

Not really, I’m the motivation-less all or nothing type. The world might still be damaged but it would be salvageable, then again the world will collapse in a couple hundred years the way things are going…  

Blue haired goddess

Yes but….

30 something

Mmmmm that aside SOL does not have to be fully charged, overdrive should stave off effects of SOD’s 2nd or third seal of darkness, rebalance the planets energy a bit take 30 or 40% off the top poor it into SOL do another overdrive, release SOL do a double overdrive then use infinite white across the world to target the dark thingys and remove them… uhg then probably another overdrive then Dragon of life….mmmm.

Blue haired goddess

Errr hello?

30 something

Ah sorry, let me think it out before moving on to another thought.

Blue haired goddess

Er there is a time limit you know…

30 something

Dose not really matter, the world is doomed, even it took a thousand years for humans to blow themselves up that should be a blink of an eye to you, no?

Blue haired goddess

True but we are not particularly cruel, we most of us are not, we do have our sadists tho but we try more for indifference…

30 something

Indifference is not a bad thing the more power you have, power always brings consequence if not breed conflict….

30 something  sighs

Blue haired goddess

Oh, you’re smarter than you look…

30 something

So where did my train of thought go ah yes….. probably third seal which means bubye arm for a couple weeks the excruciating pain is a problem tho…mmm

Blue haired goddess

How so?

30 something

Without a lot of energy to use SOL knocks you out, in a coma means you do not feel much, SOD wants to either make you suffer or drive you insane. So maybe 2-3 or 4 weeks of being knocked out but fully aware, phantom pains from a missing limb that is constantly crushed at a 100 or so times the normal level of pain mix in chaotic madness driven nightmares and there goes a month, then all that’s left is to pay the toll to use SOL so that’s a year or 2 in a coma….mmmm

Blue haired goddess

Wha? Are you crazy? Great a masochist…

30 something

Not really but pulling super powered tricks on a planet wide scale comes at a price, lets spice it up a bit, each over drive has a 40% chance to fail, failure means removal from existence. The 3rd dark seal amps up insanity and complies it by the second until I cancel that mode and give my arm to darkness, even if it heals in a week there is a ton of pain to endure for using it.

Blue haired goddess

Mmm I dunno sounds like a masochist to me, besides no one in their right mind would give you power….

30 something smiles and says

I know right?

A taller gray haired Goddess appears behind the blue hair Goddess and hugs her from behind placing her chin on her head and says.

Blue haired goddess

Eh? What are you doing here?

Gray haired Goddess

Oh why not shorty(blue hairs nickname), it sounds interesting, none of the ones I found wanted to play anyway.

Blue haired goddess with a disgusted look on her face says.

Eh the sadist has arrived….

Gray haired Goddess

Everyone, what do you think?

Many goddess appear around them whispering.


How fun

Most of them ran away

Only a few fought

Didn’t survive long….

30 something says

Well then lets up the anty, first I assume this Hero system and your guidance will last least till humanity blows itself up. If that is the case then the world will change quickly to suit those with power. Since I will be incapacitated, simply drop me off at a hospital that can take care of my body for a couple years. Since no one will know what I am I will become an anomaly to the new system. Futhermore if I do not like what the world has become then in the hope that a society is born I will destroy the world persay.

Gray haired Goddess dances around and spins around

How fun, how fun, how fun! We have someone who will play with us! I shall back the dark, who shall back the light?

Many Goddesses pause for a moment and close their eyes they exchange vast information, probabilities and thoughts. Then a spotlight shines on one blonde headed Goddess a long golden staff and long curly hair walks down invisible stairs. To where she is in-between the 30 something and the gray haired and blue haired goddesses looks to the gray haired one and says.

Sadi(nickname short for sadist) don’t you think it’s a bit much?

The gray haired goddess replies

Oy planet chest don’t steal my prey.

The blue headed goddess is starled by the comment and hides behind the Gary haired goddess

The blonde goddess says

Now now let’s not be petty, if he uses this over drive ability to much it could steal him away from you.

The gray haired goddess

You do have a point… but that’s also fun!

The blonde goddess sighs and says

Everyone, this one has potential, so just for overdrive and the madness induced for breaking the 3rd seal we shall remove. What does everyone think? If he does not live to wander in a strange new world then there will be nothing to alleviate us of our boredom.

30 something coughs and stands up

Mmmmm if I may, overdrive dose not normally come with a death wish rather merely being knocked out if it fails, but lack of energy is the main cause of that. The rest should already have been said or within my notes at home.

The blonde goddess says is that all you have to say.

30 something

Asking for more would be silly, and there’s not much negative consequences I can add to them before they become pointless.

The blonde goddess says


30 something

You heard that eh?.... it makes a full set but their again its something that should be plausible with some time and effort, anyway they are more supplementary powers to fill in the gap since using the weapons in a powered state all the time is not recommendable. Besides for starting out I only really need 2 SOL verses, one to destroy the dark the other to restore and protect lives.

The blonde goddess taps her staff on the invisible ground and says.

This world is now ending, Do we send this foolish Hero in or shall we move on?  

Spotlights start popping up one by one upon the goddesses then quickly they all are illuminated and white light blinds the 30 something.

Out of the white light he walks wearing a brown trench coat and fedora, with SOL across his back and SOD within his left arm, playing a tune(Perfect Selection Konami Shooting Battle - Nostalgic) in a mp3 player that reverberates across the earth, every soul can hear it. The dark creatures pause and look around.

He stops walking and looks down below. Well…time to work….
Random story Heroes and Goddesses
My random stories are short infodumps of random story/setting/conversationbstuff.
Zippy labs presents: Zippy Fan lyrics

Song title: Unravel

Anime: Tokoy Ghoul
Op/In/Ed: Opening.

Vocals by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure
Music:  Ling Tosite Sigure(?)

Transliterated by Rei
Translated by Haze~

Notes:I really hate it when they chop up a song, its bad enough you get the first part or the 2nd part but chopping stuff out of those is annoying!


Oh tell me, oh please tell me,
oshiete oshiete yo
the way this world works..
sono shikumi wo
Just who exactly,
boku no naka ni
lives inside of me?
dare ga iru no?
In the midst of this broken and
kowareta kowareta yo
shattered world…
kono sekai de
You hollowly laugh,
kimi ga warau
blind to everything.
nanimo miezu ni


broken down,
boku nante sa
I hold my last breath.
iki wo tomete
The truth and I
cannot be unraveled anymore
mou hodokenai yo shinjitsu
and I
Breaking, not breaking,
kowaseru kowasenai
sane and not sane
kurueru kuruenai  
you alone found me, and
anata wo mitsukete yureta


I am slowly fading away in this distorted
yuganda sekai ni dan dan boku wa
and twisted world that we live in
sukitootte mienaku natte
Please do not  
search for me at all,
boku no koto wo
do not look at me…

Inside this imaginary world of dreams and whims
dareka ga egaita sekai no naka de
I never want to see you ever hurt
anata wo kizutsuketaku wa nai yo
So please do not
forget about me,
boku no koto wo
as vivid as I was.
azayaka na mama


Spreading out infinitely solitude wraps around me.
mugen ni hirogaru kodoku ga karamaru
Memories of times I laughed innocently flash before me.
mujaki ni waratta kioku ga sasatte
I can't move, I can't move, I can't move, I can't move, I can't move,
ugokenai ugokenai ugokenai ugokenai ugokenai
I cannot move anymore!
ugokenai yo
Unravelling the world!
unravelling the world


I've changed and couldn't go back to the way I was.
kawatte shimatta kaerarenakatta
As two intertwine both will perish away
futatsu ga karamaru futari ga horobiru
Breaking, not breaking,
kowaseru kowasenai
sane and not sane  
kurueru kuruenai
I can't afford to let you be defiled!
anata wo kegasenai yo yureta


I am slowly fading away
yuganda sekai ni
in this distorted and
dan dan boku wa
twisted world that we live in
sukitootte mienaku natte
Please do not
search for me at all,
boku no koto wo
do not look at me…
In a trap of solitude someone had setup,
dareka ga shikunda kodoku na wana ni
before the future unravels completely,
mirai ga hodokete shimau mae ni
So please do not
forget about me,  
boku no koto wo
as vivid as I was.
azayaka na mama


Please don't forget, please don't forget, please don't forget, please don't forget!!
wasurenaide wasurenaide wasurenaide wasurenaide
I have changed so much that I am paralyzed
kawatte shimatta koto ni paralyze
Filled with unrecoverable things in this fool’s paradise
kaerarenai koto darake no paradise
Please do not
forget about me…
boku no koto wo
Oh tell me, oh please tell me...
oshiete oshiete
Just who exactly,
boku no naka ni
lives inside of me?
dare ga iru no?
Zippy Fan lyrics: Tokyo Ghoul: Unraveled
I got this done last year, come back to it to tweak it a bit, some parts are a tight fit but over all its good enough. Remember fan lyrics is not a direct translation rather a turning direct lyrics into something singable in English without losing the meaning of the song as much as it can.
For any who care my grandmother passed away, I been living with my grandmother and her sister since my parents away in 05, her sister passed away 2 years ago both died at 98. I was already bottomed out from burn out working on my mods and writing projects, so it did not hit me so hard. I cycle in and out of depressive cycles. Still tho I am at a loss of things. I got Fallout 4 a week or so befor, still playing it, as shallow and easy as it is I can kill alot of time exploring and making towers of turret death!!!
For any who care my grandmother passed away, I been living with my grandmother and her sister since my parents away in 05, her sister passed away 2 years ago both died at 98. I was already bottomed out from burn out working on my mods and writing projects, so it did not hit me so hard. I cycle in and out of depressive cycles. Still tho I am at a loss of things. I got Fallout 4 a week or so befor, still playing it, as shallow and easy as it is I can kill alot of time exploring and making towers of turret death!!!


Chasing my mind away.
United States
Chronicles of the Lord of power book 1.

Prologue is here…
Chap 1 is here…
Chap 2 is done its here…

I iz zippy, but more often I am called WIllaim Wesley Lee Jarvis...generally when I do something bad.... and in one breath to boot... women sure are scary.... very scary and this one is the most scariest of all!!

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At least I hail my genius and passions (all but the girl) as vain and silly... still if I ca focus ad polish my abilities I could rule the world... would not want to as herding psychotic mutant Tigers is just as annoying... Humanity... you annoy me....... *angry fist*

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