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Dark force Devourer Destoryer Doodle. by ZippyDSMlee Dark force Devourer Destoryer Doodle. by ZippyDSMlee
Edit:New factionalized version [link]
Dark force Devourer,destroyer class war ship, its about the same size as a standard Light force destroyer. And yes there are going to be 4 in all , hunger ,devourer, pestilence and black hole classes.

I tried my best to bring out the main parts of my idea, the smooth polished rock like front end the asteroid like back end and the tentacles.

This ship is broken up in 3 parts , the main part is the smooth front end. Its covered in a smooth dark skin that enables it to not only spread dark skin when it rams into something but absorbs massive amounts of energy. The interior of this section is like a living organism and is grown not built.

Fighters launch from dark skin covered hanger bays.

The smother area can also easy fire dark skin spikes which pierce through most metals like a hot knife through butter they also spread dark skin corrupting anything it touches.

The asteroid part is filled with tunnels leading to bio machines that build and launch dark skin spires. They act like large missiles that can fire dark skin spikes as well as spread large amounts of dark skin on impact.

The asteroid part is part of an asteroid that was infested with Xai’irthi (insect race of ambiguously insane male warriors, think DBZ but more powerful at times) then its taken and infused with dark skin and used as a launch base for dark spires, warriors and even space ship fighters.

The tentacles are grown from dark skin and connect the first and second parts of the ship together.They act as engines moving the ship. They also are used in combat constricting the flow of energy through mass absorption and crushing whatever is left.

Light Force ships can not be crushed, however once a section has been covered in dark skin it may be weakened enough for dark skin to seep in through the seams. When a section has tentacles attached too it it can not generate enough energy and unless they are removed the ship will be quickly covered in dark skin then devoured from the inside out.

Nearly anything can be transported through the dark skin when enough seeps into a light force vessel troops and Xai’irthi can go in and take out any resistance.

Dark skin can be held back with energy force fields but you need enough power to block it off, dark skin alone is not enough to take down a fully equipment light force vessel, Devourers must attach themselves to a covered light force ship in order to finish it off.

Forgot to mention just how LF defeats a DF vessel, they basically gang up on it and burn off the dark skin using their main cannons. Dark skin can spread through absorbing energy but at certain points it grows weak enough to where a bit more energy will burn it away. Once a ship is strip of its outer layer of dark skin its only a matter of time before its filled with so much energy that its structure collapses.

It takes 50-60% of universe destroying power to deal with a normal dark force devour/destroyer, twice as much for the next class 10 times as much for the last class and half as much for the lowest class.
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speedstrider Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012  Student General Artist
It looks pretty cool. The abilities are nice too. Have you ever thought about decorating them? Or is it supposed to look plain?
ZippyDSMlee Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012
There is not a lot I can do with it with my skills, its more a placeholder or my attempt to draw it out, I hope to have commissions done based off my doodles. But other than that could you elaborate more? Do you mean emblems, racing/detailing strips and what not?
speedstrider Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012  Student General Artist
yeah! emblems!
ZippyDSMlee Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012
Good thing you asked as I am making up things as I go it helps to have someone ask questions. I want to say there are no factions in current Light forces but even if they are, none use emblems persay (energy signatures sure but no obvious visual markers as LF is on the bland tried and true ultra modernized look,hell the cities are gray and unremarkable but for the entertainment/market districts.) One of the reasons for this is during the first war of creation you had more factions and less general unification, during the current 2nd more bland and darker era of the war of creation Light forces is less rag tag and much more organized and standardized to stifling proportions.

Now dark forces is a bit different their Generals(who make up a counsel/congress of darkness of which lead dark forces by general non compete pledges that they get out of by showing how weak the defeated are lovely back stabbing bunch they are, I think light forces is ran by a counsel of adjudicators/judges but I'll have to check my notes....or just add to them..LOL ) As I was saying generals are more outspoken and indevendaul. So there should be clear marks of identification, I am thinking unqie ram horns/skulls popping up in the designs maybe on the front and sides of the base ship design. *steals some ideas from rage's bandit factions...lulz* I'll see if I can factionalize the current drawing some as a 2nd revision thingy.

Light force destroyer size(you asked earlier here are my current rough estimates) ,The standard Light force destroyer is roughly the size of a SW Super destroyer, the moon circumference is 11K meters/7miles wide, a normal destroyer is 10 miles long 6-7 wide,2-3 high.
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