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For any who care my grandmother passed away, I been living with my grandmother and her sister since my parents away in 05, her sister passed away 2 years ago both died at 98. I was already bottomed out from burn out working on my mods and writing projects, so it did not hit me so hard. I cycle in and out of depressive cycles. Still tho I am at a loss of things. I got Fallout 4 a week or so befor, still playing it, as shallow and easy as it is I can kill alot of time exploring and making towers of turret death!!!
I got chapter one of my  COTLOP:lost (16k word) book project, and the prologue for my COTLOP book 1 project, as well as a 14 page lore,world building/ history of my multi verse on my patreon page, my patreon page will remain free for all its there as another option to donate.…
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Introduction to the world of zippy. I bascily follow what the muses tell me to...when they are awake and not ignoring me that is. I do some game modding.…
Fallout 3/NV…?…
Unreal Tournament 3…
Working on a couple Skyrim mods as well, uhg so much to do so little time.
I also draw well glorified doodles…
Mind you this DOL one is a one off I have not managed to hit that level of quality again yet.…
I also play with Anime song lyrics, taking a couple direct translations and cobbling out something singable in English that tries to lose as few meanings/lyrics and syllables as possible. Really inspired by Ranma ½ since most of tis songs were conversions and not translated adaptations. Suffice to say I am a diehard subtitle fan.……/UCD…
I also write, these are just slapped together unfinished plot/settings.…

I use to be quick to share my main stuff never realizing how unpolished it was so I am trying to change things on that end,put a lot of the stuff I posted in scrap’s on my DA page.

Currently I am working on my Fallout New Vegas mod and working to tune Skyrim up so I can paly it without being bored to death. Finished Dark Void the other day, Playing Final Fantasy 4 from steam its okay I guess a lot of stuff was removed to over simplify it…. I really hate how game devs cow tow to the lowest common denominator you can always make something complicated simple but making something simple complicated(IE balanced, well paced,some level of depth,ect) is a pain in the ass … Need to fire up another action title to get through….70 game backlog is glaring at me LOL…

Have steam keys for Dungeon Special Steam Edition and Stalker Clear sky. Just watch me and I will give away the keys randomly. Need at least 5-10 watchers here before I will give them away, will add other game keys as I get my hands on them.
Sword and Staff prop project

Dream project….unless I make it myself…blah


SOL/Sword of Light

Base form: Shirasaya (katana)

Need a wood worker and someone to machining the blade, blade is like a katana blade but 50-100% thicker and replace the sharp edge with a fat bevel.  Scabbarded and hilt need to be a tiny bit bigger than a normal shirasaya and have a 6 sided bevel to it.…


SOD/Staff of Darkenss

Base form: 6-7 foot long Sectional/Separating Staff

Need 7 or 8 13 inch sections, the diameter is like 3 inches and it’s 6 sided.  2x2 posts are too small.

Need it so the sections can fit in each other and still have enough room on the inside for a ½ or smaller chain to fit inside, ideally there should be enough room in each segment to allow 4 or so inches of separation to show then fix neatly back together. The top segment is interchangeable with a wider piece that’s nearly twice as wide as it to have a good base for a scythe blade, the wide area is 3/4ths the side of the total segment.

I have plastic chain and a plastic scythe blade.


On a side note I need a good looking but think medium brown duster, the oil skin monster I have is hard to wear in the summer.
Zippy's disc repair service

6$ for 10 discs, even double sided!…?
Almost all the COTLOP book project stuff and synopsis's have been moved to scraps, going to try and raise the quality a tiny bit.

No not my video but the quickest link to the full song.

First draft, I'll finish up and do a fan lyric video sometime... LOL
Song title: Unravel

Anime: Tokoy Ghoul
Op/In/Ed: Opening.

Vocals by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure
Music: Ling Tosite Sigure(?)

Notes:I really hate it when they chop up a song, its bad enough you get the first part or the 2nd part but chopping stuff out of those is annoying!

Oh tell me, oh please tell me, the way this world works..
oshiete oshiete yo sono shikumi wo

Just who exactly, lives inside of me?
boku no naka ni dare ga iru no?

In the midst of this broken and shattered world…
kowareta kowareta yo kono sekai de

You hollowly laugh, blind to everything.
kimi ga warau nanimo miezu ni

Already broken down, I hold my last breath.
kowareta boku nante sa iki wo tomete

The truth and I cannot be unraveled anymore and I freeze
hodokenai mou hodokenai yo shinjitsu sae freeze

Breaking, not breaking, sane and not sane you alone found me, and
kowaseru kowasenai kurueru kuruenai anata wo mitsukete yureta


I am slowly fading away in this distorted and twisted world we live in
yuganda sekai ni dan dan boku wa sukitootte mienaku natte

Please do not search for me at all, do not look at me…
mitsukenaide boku no koto wo mitsumenaide

Inside this imaginary world of dreams and whims I never want to see you ever hurt
dareka ga egaita sekai no naka de anata wo kizutsuketaku wa nai yo

So please do not forget about me, as vivid as I was.
oboeteite boku no koto wo azayaka na mama


Spreading out infinitely solitude wraps around me. Memories of times I laughed innocently come to mind.

mugen ni hirogaru kodoku ga karamaru mujaki ni waratta kioku ga sasatte

I can't move, I can't move, I can't move, I can't move, I cannot move anymore!
ugokenai ugokenai ugokenai ugokenai ugokenai ugokenai yo

Unravelling the world!
unravelling the world


I've changed; I couldn't go back to the way I was.
kawatte shimatta kaerarenakatta

As two intertwine both of will perish away
futatsu ga karamaru futari ga horobiru
Breaking, not breaking, sane and not sane
kowaseru kowasenai kurueru kuruenai

I can't afford to let you be defiled!
anata wo kegasenai yo yureta


I am slowly fading away in this distorted and twisted world we live in
yuganda sekai ni dan dan boku wa sukitootte mienaku natte

Please do not search for me at all, do not look at me…
mitsukenaide boku no koto wo mitsumenaide

In a trap of solitude someone had set, before the future unravels completely,
dareka ga shikunda kodoku na wana ni mirai ga hodokete shimau mae ni

So please do not forget about me, as vivid as I was.
omoidashite boku no koto wo azayaka na mama


Please don't forget me, please don't forget, please don't forget , please don't forget!
wasurenaide wasurenaide wasurenaide wasurenaide

I have changed so much that I am paralyzed
kawatte shimatta koto ni paralyze

Filled with unrecoverable things in this fool’s paradise
kaerarenai koto darake no paradise

Please do not forget about me…
oboeteite boku no koto wo

Oh tell me, oh please tell me... Just who exactly, lives inside of me?
oshiete oshiete boku no naka ni dare ga iru no?

Frist post to my Patreon page....well it will be...... LOL

COTLOP: World Building and general history


I am pretty confident the things in this will not change, I have more to add than change after al.


This covers some history of the fictional universal of Chronicles of the Lord of Power/COTLOP.


Darkness a timeless being writhed in the nothing that was before. Time after time creation rose and fell like great fireworks within the darkness. But like all dreams they faded but the nightmares never ended until one day Darkness was at peace within his deep slumber light spread forth across the vast nothingness.  Lightness felt sorrow for his other half but could not be stopped. Lightness had an uncontrollable urge to create thus began the first era of creation however it did not last long but the knowledge gained allowed Lightness to fight Darkness to a standstill, while most of creation laid in waste the old ones agreed to use pawns rather than fight for an eternity. After trillions and trillions of years their armies made up mostly of small planet sized creatures clashed, unsatisfied with the war Darkness raged and destroyed forcing Lightness to intervene. Save for a few survivors creation was in ruins, once again they agreed that no matter how they fought they would never best the other so once again they placed their bets on their own forces.. This roughly starts the 2nd war of creation around the time of the big bang.


2nd War of Creation

In the 2nd war for creation both sides are more organized both use creation as means to gain new members via odd tests and such, Dark Forces has trouble at times it’s easy to make mindless fodder, it takes them longer to build up a force comparable to Light Force mainly due to the void not being the best place to build stuff since everything is a bit out of order. Darkness wants to return everything like it was before, before the age of creation where Darkness itself can rest in troubled dreams yet with all the machinations of creation going on he can find no rest. Even within the dark ones rage and hatred he dislikes chaos from his time making his own forces he made an army that only desired conflict through un-predictableness and he feared that they would seek to sustain creation just to have something to play with and thus he destroyed them.


Dimensional space time


The fiction can place characters across time, space and dimension.

I have a loose idea of how to visualize it, think of a grid, each square represents a cluster of universes in roughly the same space time environment, click on a cluster you move to cluster view which shows a grid of universes. Click on a universe and you are in universe view mode.


In universe view mode move left/ right/horizontal on the grid you find yourself is a parallel universe the further away it is from the one you were in the more changes happen. If you move up/down/vertical on the grid you travel through time. 


There is always a void zone outside a universe or universe cluster, tripping the void via long distance travel methods is tricky without a ton of probes to handle your landing location. 


Creation, the void and existence.


Existence is everything and beyond existence in the white mists close to nothingness is where the old ones wait and play out their games.


Creation is a term used to designate well creation no matter the time, universe or dimension. It’s the domain of Lightness and Light Forces and the vast majority of life.


The Void is warped and damaged space, it was merely a place of Darkness’s choosing. It’s also pools things rejected by creation generally the leftovers from Light Force destroying parts of creation where heavily damaged matter winds up. It’s a toxic mix of primordial space and warped dark energy endlessly covered in thick dark clouds rich with meteorites.  Those gifted by the call of the void are protected from the toxic environment. Most Light Force warriors can output energy to shield themselves from the void. Light Force ships have some difficulty traversing the void as their main energy source the Light Force energy network dose not easily connect to the void, ships can be daisy chained but that has its limits because of this all Light Force ships have 3 different mechanisms to power them, the Light Force Network, internal star drives and ambient energy from their surroundings. Light Force ships can absorb and convert enough dark energy from the void to move and use have limited energy shields.




Genetics; Kin and Kind, things that divide.


Kin: Is a generic term for most beings born during the current war of creation. Typically used to describe generic bipedal humanoids and some non and or multi-pedal races with more generic but compatible genetics.


Kind: Are a few organic life forms with rare genetic structures that are highly incompatible with everything.  Inorganic life forms of randomly low compatibility and non-corporal life forms of various compatibility(going from energy to highly compatible advanced organic life form).


Kindred: Refers to those that were born in the previous war of creation. Like the Dragon of light, the Dragon of darkness or races like the Zii’irithi and Xai’raithi that have over whelming power and or technology.


I only have like 2 or 3 races in my notes and a large fleet of outcasted , kin, psionic, nomads. And a few one offs here and there like the Dragons and Light(DOL) and Darkness(DD).


Magic and Psionic’s


Generally magic is a learned skill and is treated as matter and energy shaped by willpower, chanting, words and saying a name of a spell can give it more power. Magic comes in many disciplines and forms and is very subdivided and sub categorized as higher life forms make pacts with lower life forms and so forth to increase the power output or lessen the willpower required to use the magic.  The first book deals with a very simplistic spell system, using will power to gain more physical speed and power, high level spirits and enchanted weapons.


Psionic’s is a type of genetic based natural mental power that uses willpower to fuel and shape its various abilities.  It covers all types of empathic, telepathic, clairvoyant and ‘kinesis abilities.  Both magic and psionic’s share many similarities the only real difference beside natural innate ability is how the produced energy resonates differently. Psionic users can even learn the word/chanting empowerment skill magic users can use innately however learning it take a certain tact and mental dexterity.


Titles and Terminology


Lord of Power, LOP and Power Lord is the self-proclaimed title and quasi name of the main character he takes near the end of book 2. Power Lord is a semi common slur in Light Forces for those who misuse their powers and abilities inefficiently as Light Forces highly values efficiency and conformity.


Stranger/wanderer: is sometimes used as the main characters name.


Emissary: In book one this is the main characters primary name.


Emissary of Light: Primarily used book 1; those sent by creation to help fight against Darkness.


Orbs of Power:  Is an archaic system once used to slot warriors into ability categories based on primary and secondary orbs. Each of the 5 orbs has a theme dealing with its element, abilities of the element, its adjective path or paths that shape personality. All warriors of creation trial worlds have themes revolving around them. In book one some of the main characters powers are based on a tattoo on his left arm that’s slowly filled out as he gains new orbs.  I have a couple variants I am toying with else I would just post it here.


Light Force(s): Can be used as a general term for their personal, any previous power or ability they had in life is amplified all attain a sterile superior body and most gain a special new power from their warrior of creation trail.


Warrior(s) of Light: Antiquated term for Light Force members.


Warrior(s) of Creation: Is another “title” of the Lord of Power and an anarchic term for Light Force members.

Dark Force(s): Can be used as a general term for their personal, any previous power or ability they had in life is warped and amplified all attain a sterile superior body, all have altered personality’s from the call of the void which works as an empathic link between them all within certain range limitations.


Warrior(s) of Darkness: Can be used as a term for anyone loosely associated with Dark themes or Dark Forces.


Darkling: Is a term used for the weakest members of Dark Forces, typically they are mindless fodder which spread corruption and the call of the void. Darkness himself lovingly call’s the Xai’raithi ”My Darkling’s” They are an ancient kindred race of putrid psionic insectoid’s and his most favored race.  As they mindlessly fight, devour and evolve from egg clusters that are deposited from their solid waste material to their bipedal adolescent and adult forms to even their most evolved forms dubbed Chaos Kings, will fight amongst themselves if there is no other prey to toy with.


Darkling King: A sentient being which rule and manage Darkling’s over large zones.



Dark Force: Essentially greedy nihilists with a goal.


All Dark Force members hear the call of the void and become sterilized immortals that share an empathic link and all have had their personality re-adjusted from the call of the void. Most are brutes that live and die by power. Some weep for the living for life is suffering and life must end quickly and mercifully. And some others just want to destroy in the name and glory of true darkness, their society leans heavily on tribalistic themes, albeit for the Dark Force Congress which is made up of the leaders of the strongest combined forces, using a dark priestess to interrupt the will of Darkness. A DF Congress member my control thousands or trillions of suburbanites, fodder and darkling’s, it’s all about their personal power and ability to charm, deal and threaten. They basically try and do whatever it takes to gain themselves more power in-between sending new armies out to pillage creation.  The larger forces have control over the front where and whenever it is and they send out supplies and troops as needed to maintain it. Rarely do they when or lose a war front if lost they just pull back to the nearest point of control and work their way out from there.




Light Force: Basically its clean it’s safe, it’s boring as hell and sometimes you never know who you are sent off to destroy.


Light Force’s main goal is maintaining creation and destroying Dark Force they prune “unsalvageable” parts of creation via troops, bombing and galactic incretion. Once life is removed all energy is retched from the infected area damaging and warping matter and energy leaving the leftovers to fall to the void which pools outside universes and dimensions on the dimensional space time grid.

Light Force is structured based on a militaristic office setting where everyone is trained to fight but you wind up in either;

The Office (data management, engineering, maintenance, ect)

The Army (long periods of setting around on a ship doing nothing and short periods of fun LOL)

The Guard (police, thought police and body guards, ect)

The Administration (commissioned officers, Admirals, Judges and Adjudicators).


Light Force daily life is pretty much do your job, do your job some more go to parties to socialize and talk about how well you do your job.... And be randomly watched over by thought police, most adjust well to becoming sterilized immortals some do not cope as well, most of those who break down are remade and cast back into a peaceful part of creation.


New members are allowed to find equipment that they like or use well, over the course of training new members get more and more indoctrinated into Light Force society and its strict levels of conformity. 



Main character: Lord of Power, Power Lord, LOP, Stranger, Wanderer, ect

And no I am not giving him a name….


Frist off you’ll have to forgive his appearance he is a deshelved overweight weight white guy whose style is basically what one could call hipster trash these days, a simple white shirt, suspenders ,a brown fedora, jeans and a brown trenchcoat....and much like Doctor number 4 it stores a lot of junk, plot depending of course…  :P




I tired at times to mold him after most of the Doctors from Doctor Who, pretty much like the kind, somewhat funny, aloof , running away from everything/himself setup sadly though take any Mary Sue mix in Doctor Who and random anime male lead and you pretty much have my Lord of Power. Meh it’s a thing I guess it’s better than nothing but its best I can do. Also since most fiction is a wee bit generic I really do not feel the need to go out of my way to reinvent the wheel as that requires real skill.


Suffice to say he likes theatrics, naming and yelling his power moves and other somewhat annoying things. For the sake of people who can read and like reading the finished product power move names will be removed or watered down, then below that version of the document will be it in full nonsensical glory! There is no damn point in selling different versions of the damn thing and if I had it may way revisions/new editions would be free to current owners…. Though I guess a bridge not seen is a bridge not crossed….


The Lord of Power hates both Light Force and Dark Forces equally.  Dark Forces mainly kills or converts, Light Forces pretty much ignores everything unless they need an example be made of someone or something or it gets in the way of them defending against or efficiently destroying Dark Force. Unlike Dark Force, Light Force does not go out of their way to destroy you unless you are going to be destroyed by Dark Force anyway. That subtly is lost on the Lord of Power who could not pass the training stages that involved wiping out uncorrupted civilians in mass via personal or bombing. Light Forces is prepared for anything and thus trains for anything but still the Lord of Power clings to his humanity.



Personality Deux;

During his adventures in book one he develops split personalities. Primarily he goes along to get along and mostly enjoys himself albeit shy around girls and much to the confusion of his friends immune to alcohol and most intoxicates. Sometimes under pressure he shows signs of an overwhelming hidden monotone personality. I’ve not really pinpointed who came first but somewhere down the line he develops an overprotective persona called Good , sometimes he has one way conversations with him. Good is a mute that shows no fear and is very kind and noble, he favors light based attacks. Eventually Good blends back into his conscious. Another more perverted and degenerate persona called Evil who is intoxicated by desire and lust shows up. Evil shows up under pressure to rend foes on the battle field and piss everyone off.  Unlike Good Evil refuses to go away and continues to plagues the Lord of Power for the rest of his life. To the point much later on in the fiction Evil is a constant nag and every now and then the Lord of Power and Evil fight for dominance after the other recovers they go at it again. Using a hidden neutral power source Evil can fully emerge from the Lord of Power as a separate entity for a short period of time it dose however require their combined will to do it. The fully summoned Staff of Darkness temporarily merges Evil and his normal persona and he relishes every moment counting the time till the Lord of Power completely falls to corruption.


Powers of the Lord of Power.


His base power set is reality bending but the more he uses it the more insane he becomes and the more he wants to use it eventually forcing himself to blink out of existence (creation/void/everything). In order to control his powers he…

 wait for it…

I said wait for it…

uses them by not using them…. 



Does it really sound THAT bad for ultra-soft, bear and all , Sci Fi?




After book one and most of book two he sets himself up to drive power from external sources like the Sword of Light that’s basically a multifunctional blade/vibro/energy sword and power source for some of his abilities. Be it psionic or magic or whatever he can create a copy of the ability or a device of random quality that can copy the ability but tends to focus on his own earth fiction derived stuff. In this multi verse magic is treated as energy and matter manipulated by a strong will. Chanting and words add to the power of the magic. In this the Lord of Power tends to call out the names of some of his spells and attacks.


With that said….

His power is limited by the energy he has on hand and what kind of energy it is, if its dark based energy or dark emotions its hell to convert into something useable outside of destruction everything else is more easily converted to dark energy. Natural energy and positive emotions can be leaned upon but in general he limit’s how much energy he takes from his surroundings to limit damage to them. He absorbs ambient energy via minions or the Sword of Light or the Staff of Darkness in imitation mode and manipulates as needed to build small things or store and compact the energy.



A.K.A: Assistant, secretary, partner, sister, Sandy or Sandra with the last name of Powers or Lords plot dependent.

I once tried to make an acronym out of her name…

Symbiotic. Artificially intelligent. Nanny. Droid. Yeti


It failed….badly…still its kinda funny but ya…bad….very…...


Sandy is pretty much the main recurring female lead of the fiction around book 3 or so , since a lot of my musings revolve around the older Lord of Power and his adventures it’s hard to not talk about her if I talk about the fiction as a whole.  Sandy is an AI created from LOP’s personality only with a lot more positive stuff like confidence and intelligence, in ways they are polar opposites.  She is smart, noble, witty and has a slightly energetic and playful personality at least in comparison with the Lord of Power. She tries to get him out his malaise but if humor and vague threats do not work heavy objects, threats of maintenance work or “trips” to the air dock generally do. She’s also a bit of a tomboy and it shows at times. LOP and Sandy treat each other as siblings and try not to mess around with each other’s personal life though LOP tends to randomly wander off or is “misplaced” somewhere, some when in creation via heeding the call of creation or be in long comas allowing Sandy to multi task which allows her to live a random life within a random civilization every now and then while LOP tends to be slowed down for a bit in between moving from place to place, he rarely gets beyond the vaguely girlfriend stage with anyone.



Sandy Appearance

( I’d say something about dangerous curves but I would be harmed if I *smack*)


Sandy has had different bodies over the years sometimes she’s in floating orb mode to save energy or allow her to multi task to tag along with LOP on some adventures while she stays on the ship or someplace else. Her first body was a mismatched drone body cobbled from parts built by LOP. Her next bodies were a basic android body, an advance android body and a couple bio organic android bodies. Typically her body is based on agility and speed rather than raw strength unlike the Lord of Power who can tank and regenerate on the battle field Sandy is fussier about taking damage to her perfect form even if she is quick to discard pettiness for the sake of winning a fight. Much like the Lord of Power she uses energy via outside energy sources or plugged into a power source or and when they have a ship that does not need a tow she can use the power of the ship itself but primarily she uses internal energy reserves. Her overdrive mode is the same as his, it doubles power output by dissipating energy more quickly, and overdrive is stackable however for her if she runs out of power she will be teleported to a safe zone and turn back to power saving orb mode or transform into an orb on the spot.  Later on she receives a piece of the Lord of Powers soul called a reality drive giving her nearly as much power as him.


As far as outfits goes she’s torn between elegant and functional, though between her warped sense of humor and having fun she can wind up in anything….  From Light Force caul ware, uniforms, formal ware to Dark Force formal ware(their casual is scraped together patchwork armor). Even Zii’irithi metal armored skirts and clothing are not out of the question. But normally it’s a jump suit of some sort, her favorite battle suit is a dark purple jump suit, the zipper pockets access small dimensional pockets. She can carry a wide variety of normal clothing and other small items but most of it holds her weapons and simple emergency tools.


And if you think any of that is bad the first design was a metal one piece ala Justin Bailey….which might not be that bad since it’s hard to over design the damn thing….


Sandy : Weapons, DD Hand cannon’s and Twin PSW’s


Her main weapons for medium and long distance are the Double D hand cannons, multi-functional large energy hand guns. The dual hand cannons are heavy pistols that can multi task using different energy types, rapid fire mode, tracking shots, heavy shots.  They are able to link up forming a heavy cannon and fire heavy energy beams, special multi type tracking shots and other variations of energy based projectiles.


If it’s close combat she uses one or two PSW’s originally designed by the Lord of Power hence the sucky name.  The PSW’s are small energy pistols with a half pink crystal barrel. The PSW can shift into hilt mode quickly for using energy whips and swords, in sword mode the crystal opens like a flower forming a guard. 



( I suppose I need to introduce them at some point…)


And no not based on the lil yellow bastards….. try the spells from Dungeon Master 2….. yes I been at it a long long time ;_;


Red Dwarf pretty much made permanent their quirks while more loyal and dutiful they still are a pain in the ass at times.


Take Red Dwarfs scutters,  Tachikomas from Ghost in the shell : Standalone Complex and these days Despicable me’s minions and you pretty much have one of lops minions.. Only it has energy beams, welders, small dimensional pocket for holding stuff, energy shields…oh shi…...


Summoned via a spell or released from a device they are basically floating transparent blue fireballs with a large cat’s retina for an eye for something to shoot lasers from. They pretty much suck at fighting but have the advantage of numbers most of the time. They are best used for maintenance, limited defense, scouting, healing and building. Like most of LOPs power their ability to “help” depends on how much power his can find to put into them. They are all locally connected either via where has the most minions to create a temporary network, a local network based in a device or via the minion archive that’s hidden deep in the mind of the Lord of Power and can only be used when he has the energy to do so, also suffice to say he relies on it to build more advance items because he is a loser without power, energy and or gadget’s…




Minion directives and personalities.


Their personalities derive from the same set of AI scripts that randomly generates each personality on the fly upon creation, they can panic and hide deepening on how they are organized in a location and the priority level phrasing first and second directives.

Their primary directives are


1. To protect innocent life.

2. Do the job assigned.

3. Protect not so innocent life.

4. “Help” innocent life preferably* as quietly as possible without them knowing.

5. “Help” not so innocent life preferably* as quietly as possible without them knowing.

6. Goof off until help is needed by someone.

* Preferably came about due to some getting caught is glitches and wandering off to “help”…. Both LOP and Sandy cringe at the thought of them editing their AI scripts so they had to help them by changing the script to fit their real world behavior routines….. yes its assbackwards and that is what the Lord of Power is best at!


Goof off mode involves various humorous idling sequences and them chasing each other firing harmless light beams and such. “Curious kitty that’s short a few screws.” is one of their favorites….   “Alcoholic something randomness.”  Their 2nd favorite…  And yes.. it was once XXX….. That got fixed quickly…. And I swear no minions were harmed…..least the ones that were not causing trouble……


Due to “issue’s” revolving around them being able to speak… sometimes dozens… at a time…. The Lord of Power pulled speech capabilities and gave them a chat network and the ability to create words on a holographic sign or windows. If unaware the Lord of Power can be overwhelmed by the windows since Sandy is smart, beautiful, perfect and a super computer (her words) she does not really have such issues.



Sword of Light

Introduced in book 2 the Sword of Light or SOL base design hails from the antiquated bastardized gun sword sub, sub category, its physical appearance is a golden brown shirasaya, an ornamental wooden scabbard and hilt katana wrapped in bandages(to keep it from falling apart heh). Its base technologies are common to Light Forces and other higher civilization, its functions as a portable high energy storage container and device that can manipulate energy, life energy and matter by proxy of precise energy control the cost of using it tends vary from headache, to sluggish movement and comma of a few minutes to a few decades or longer depending on how much power is used.


The early builds of the Sword of Light tend to fall apart due to his engineering skill being flaker than his personality, over time he gets better at it.


He tends to carry SOL on his back via invisible string or on hip or belt under his trenchcoat or it’s placed in a pocket dimension where he has to spend a few seconds fumbling around for it.


The Sword of Lights core has a single large energy reserve, various back up reserves of super compressed energy that dissipate quickly and a couple hidden reserves. Energy can be doubled using overdrive mode which boosts power at a loss usage time, overdrive mode heavily damages willpower forcing him to pass out most of the time. Overdrive is also stackable. As long as the core is not broken he can use the energy stores and overdrive ability.  But like anything else the more he uses it the more he’s out cold or worthless for combat for a period of time.


LOP has a somewhat hidden energy reserve within his body that resides in his fat cells, it’s good for a last ditch burst of energy but practically worthless in a sustained fight needing any amount of SOL’s energy reserves.


The Sword of Light also has vocal commands to attain half of the sword of lights absolute abilities, think of it as an instant overdrive state that takes energy in a set amount instead of burning a whole tank for an across the board power boost that has more consequences. There should be 10 verses which unlock the swords maximum capacity. Verse 1-5 deal with attacks, verse 6-10 deal with protection and healing. And a few stagnant verses which are mostly one off’s rarely reused. Verses can be used with overdrive mode.


The SOL at max output with limits and reason off can take out a few solar systems or even restore them but the resulting energy feedback and coma would be him down for centuries.  Yes its OP its meant to be OP so it can be limited later on but frankly just because he can dose not mean he should and in all my notes I have no need for such a power.


Staff of Darkness:  Weapon A turns you into a vegetable. Weapon B drives you crazy….um yay?


Introduced in book 2 the Staff of Darkness or SOD base design comes from the changeling staff found in book 1. The changeling staff was a black hexagon staff that changed shape into other weapons and could change length and direction.  In book 2 he rebuilt the staff from scratch doing away with its shape shifting abilities in favor of creating stronger binding chains. Darker in color and hue, made into 6 one foot sections that can subdivide a few times as well, it has etched runes that randomly change position and vibrate with dark energy. Essentially it’s a separating staff thus is able to change its length by creating chain in-between its staff sections with a small hidden multi positional scythe blade hidden in the top section that is able to heavily concentrate all of SOD’s abilities. As a magic based weapon built via rune layering techniques its main factors were absorption and entropy the staff itself had a limited range after rebuilding it from scratch a few times he eventually rebuilt it with a piece of his soul but a mistake grafted it upon his soul. Favored by his darker personality it quickly becomes a part of him, just another curse to bear.


This newer version sleeps in his left forearm ,the tattoo of the orbs of power is a ripped at times, skin is partly shredded, muscles torn, bones broken it constricts in its slumber feasting upon his suffering it seeks desire and despair always whispering dark things sometimes it’s hard to tell it and Evil apart. Due to his arm being a mess most of the time he uses imitation dark chain to brace the left arm and is wrapped in bandages, depending energy and will available he can create an unlimited supply of bandages to wrap around his left arm it rarely stops the bleeding though.  Desire is something the Lord of Power runs from a lot as dark emotions tend to do mental damage even he gains power from it. Lust is the only negative energy that can be absorb and use to heal his arm if enough is consumed it can lock SOD into perfect stasis completely healing his arm. However due to his powers being what they are darkness is much easier to call upon.


As far as ability goes it mirrors the Sword of Lights, albeit it governs death and thus life, absorption/osmosis, negative emotions, shadow, entropy/decay, gravity. 


Summoning imitation dark chains is easy even with SOD sealed he can summon them from under his feet or from the ground around him or from shadows. Summoning the staff it in its imitation mode is not too bad it’s released or grown from his left arm, the staff is hard and can absorb energy and life rather well, the range has a limit and the staff and chain created beyond the original staff is weaker. The scythe blade is a concentration of the staff’s powers, it cuts well and can deal out soul and volatile energy damage all the while absorbing any extra bits of energy to feed back to the Lord of Power. It’s used for simple mob control or intimidation tactics. It requires little dark energy and doses no real mental damage. It dose hurt but that will happen with or without using it. In this mode he can easily transfer damage and wounds between targets, at best it’s used to rebalance his ally’s health or heal someone who is heavily damaged at the cost of him being unable to fight for a while since his health constantly regenerates to a random minimal value then regeneration slows a bit.  A simple trick for quick energy gathering is find a place with a alot of energy and use a web made of imitation dark chain over a large area this can push ambient energy gathering up a few percent and still be relatively harmless.


Another basic trick he learned early on was to create thin and super tough dark chain mail under his skin, it brows in power with SOD but does not lose power with SOD so its comes in handy, as Wolverine, Deadpool, and Lobo can attest it sucks to try and stuff your bowels back in your lower regions, however he does not bother protecting his left arm much if it gets cut off it will be rebuilt from chain links and regenerate completely after a day or two, though SOD amplifies the pain of the ghost limb enough to drive the Lord of Power into madness very quickly.



To truly break the seal on the Staff of Darkness he has to summon it. His favorite phrase is “Come ye old darkness, stay madness not another day and devour all before me.” It forms a rune pentagram at his feet where the staff comes out from if he has time for theatrics. This starts dealing out mental damage but he acquires a great boost in power and SOD’s own powers grow considerably and it can use more abilities, the scythe blade in this mode is a bit longer almost like a katana blade. A full release of the Staff of Darkness comes with mental damage that steady stacks madness, the up side he gains more and more destructive power the down side he may or may not control it well he may or may not kill everything around him. It’s generally “safe” to use for a few minutes then re seal it, the only down said other than hurting all over is a headache and temporary loss of some energy and willpower, in general its suppose be more efficient in terms of downsides than SOL at the same power output level.  Modes beyond this get worse and worse winding up at him being a mini black hole of energy absorption taking the life energy of planets. To heavily use SOD means you fight till you drop then after you wake up you’re in a lot of pain, bouts of mental instability for a short period of time and almost insignificant long term metal damage(its not bad a few times around but multiply it an aeon and well…he is screwed….).


It’s not impossible for SOD to shape matter and or energy for constructive purposes but it’s easier to just fashion a scythe blade that’s able to cut through energy, matter, life, death and dimension, order up to the wielder whose probably lost himself to madness by the blades creation.


I am experimenting with 4 or 5 dark modes or breaking 5 seals, even tried named seals but that made less sense than seal 1, seal3, ect. I know it’s not sued in normal prose but we are not a normal kitty =^^=


I have some further musings on Light/Dark force immortal bodies, and Light/Dark Force ships and the metal used by Light forces, the Lord of Power and the Dark skin used by Dark forces, but I figure I hit enough on world building to give you an idea on WTF I am trying to cobbling together with my merger skills...

 going live sometime soon, see if you can spot errors,ect



Let me start off be saying I am as wishy washy and fickle as they come so do not expect much.

Early Launch and being sick.

Right now I am sick as a dog and the 3 or 4 pages I need to get done seem to be multiplying , I like some of it but I need to make the info flow better and make more sense.

I have a world building essay of about 17 pages 6K words, I was planning to post at launch, this covers information and history of my multiverse and the main character and other things. But right now I am putting off polishing up some intolerant additions .

Goals if you can call it that...

Kickstarter is a bit beyond my grasp at this point and time since I want to get to a point to sell books and stuff, thus I need something that does not require all my attention and stress me out worrying about fulfilling my role as a content provider to those that back me. Its hell to have standards…. Even as low as they are…

I hope to raise money to help me with my writing, grammar and drawing studies as well as sustain me with a laptop I can draw on. But mainly it’s to have my book project professionally edited. Currently half a half-re-edited 16K story and the main book project is 35ish thousand at 2 chapters and another 10 in a unfinished chapter. Once edited and proofed a couple times I will ave it professionally edited then I will sell the finished product online via amazon and such.


My hobbies are computers, video games, anime, drawing, writing and to a lesser degree music.
Even if I am trying to learn to play acoustic guitar I am so darn fickle, even tho I still want to get an electric so I can try and jam with Rock smith LOL><

I also like to make anime music fan lyrics, the lyrics focus on keeping up with the Japanese syllables so the English grammar can be weak but music transcends the strict and harsh nature of prose. I’ve also slowly gotten better at making subtitles, the music videos I put together only involve the songs op/ed animation but it’s one of the few limits I have placed on myself.

Copyrights and crap

My COTLOP stuff might be copyrighted but even so the base idea for many things is something so generic it can NOT be limited by copyrights. So if you use any of my ideas even a bit give me some credit that’s all I ask. And I wish you well in your projects success!

Primary Book Projects

Book Project: Chronicles of the Lord of Power:Book 1

Abbreviations: COTLOP

Yes there will be more than one…well I want there to be more than one, I have plot points to make more than one, but will I ever write out more than one……UHG!! I dunno…but I am a few years and 40,000 something words into book one I am starting to think episodic would be the better way to go but that’s kind of evil not when amazon has a high bottom number you are limited to use.Anyway I developed COTLOP based on games I used to play with other kids in the mid/late 80s bascily a monster of the week deal based on anything sci fi or fantasy driven from TV or comics, it mostly focused on star wars with a monster of the week setup.

Being a lonely child and home schooled meant I had a lot of time to imagine and build up characters and plots, over the years I have complied notes, only in the last 5 or so I have sat down and wrote out hard beginningfor my main character the Lord of Power.


Frist book shows the MC on earth and introduces Dol a short lizard man that was sent out to find one that was chosen to be a warrior of creation, after a humorous encounter the adolescent is sent off to a fantasy world and is given powers as a test. Upon a great beam of light he lands unconscious, protectors, warriors of light were too late to secure him. And he (the MC) is attacked because it damaged the core of his new powers they flew off in 5 segments based on the 5 orbs of creation. He now called the Emissary spends sometime in the local doctor’s cabin recovering, having amnesia of his past and personality. While he lacks memories he can speak and walk fine, and has intent abilities and perception of fighting and magic.After a bit of time and meeting people he tags along with friends to recover his powers.

Chapter 3 is proving painful doing very lite detective work dealing with random gadget’s to try and find the person behind the theft of magical items and other objects of value. The good captain used finding the thief as an excuse to also locate the Emissary's missing power.

“”Orbs of power : From book 1 chap 3

“Orbs ? Of power? “The Captain says” Like the fables I wonder… if I recall correctly… “.
He jumps over the map and pick’s out an old book titled Cast and equate for a warrior of creation, he flips through it and finds this written and reads it out loud.
“The orbs symbolize ones path as a warrior of creation. The frozen cobalt orb of kind nobility and leadership. It’s element is of ice and flowing water. A stern path of kings who wield the power of ice inherently. Opposite is the Orb of fire or passion often called the orb of villainy as its passion that drives one to do selfish deeds. Fire and flame is the element of the warrior of passion.
Between these orbs is the emerald orb of nature or neutrality. It symbolizes the whimsy of wind and the pragmatic nature of stone it’s a contradiction that remains neutral to all things. The path of insanity and or intelligence is this orbs path.

Above these orbs is the path of life and wisdom the orb of light governs both light and life it symbolizes eternal wisdom. And below them all is the black orb of darkness. Death is but put one aspect of darkness. Gravity is yet another for death holds us all within its grasp. This path symbolizes death, decay, entropy and the enigma of patience and impatience.
The orbs of power symbolize a warrior’s path over their life their abilities and their potential.While there are misconceptions about them most live their lives by their primary orb while their secondary orb leads more to filling out their overall abilities.One can consider their orb or their path to be mostly set in stone while some can manage to work beyond their lot in life most are doomed to live within the boundaries of their primary orb.”””


Book project: COTLOP: Lost and abandoned on the lonely road of the stars.
(God I suck at naming ><)

Abbreviations: COTLOP :Lost1

Current word count: 16K

Anyways this one’s setup is a few centuries/eons down the road where I more often saw the character and his predicaments. He and a small floating glowing orb called Sandy,in power saving mode she is an AI derived from his personality , they are stuck adrift in space going about trying to get the heavily damaged ship mobile again so they can find parts to fully repair it.

Due to a lack of energy to constantly scan the ship they find the ship partially over run by the enemy Xai’irthi, a violent ruthless insectoid race who live to fight, devour and evolve and destroy everything including themselves if there is nothing else to play with. Their primary ability is putrid psionic energy and growing weapons out of their body. The Lord of Power fights them with his Sword of Light and Staff of Darkness. Eventually Sandy runs into trouble a Dark Force ship appears and manages to invade the ship. With the minions slowly being wiped out she transforms into tall Blonde and uses her heavy hand cannons, agility and twin energy pistol/whip/swords to fend off the invaders.
The only thing I am lacking in finishing it is some final edits and proof reading then I can take it to an editor and spend a year or so trying to fix it….

Some Pro images I had made.

The Lord of Power fighting "Evil" his darker personality.



First commission(ever) and I loved everything but the shoes!



Secondary Project's

Midnight Chain

From toying with idea's of darkness, corruption and bad-assaery I took some notes and over time refined them some its still an incoherent mess even for a world building project. However I do like it and that's saying something since other writing projects other than COTLOP kinda turn into one offs that I rarely revisit, tho some may turn up in COTLOP sometime or other.  I really want to try a few image commissions with the theme's based around Lobo style stuff I know I know its all horrible over masculine BS but I can not help to think that body type would look cool with more chains.....

Going with some sort of normal joe to dark anti hero thingy with bounts of sanity. There's magic, cops, hell, demons and "The Institute"  a multi government paranormal task force to find, control or destroy anything that would lose them reputation... even if most of it is mostly internal reputation...   

I just hope I can stay away from teh grim dark.... "In absence of quality design's and reason there lives grim dark... and it will consume you...."...  Or bore you to death like the Nolan films......(no I do not hate them that badly just they are not very good uses of the IP, as weak as Origins is its not that watered down....and I like GL more than MOS so there!.....)

First commission, after I Photoshopped more chains in its looking near perfect but want still want to tweak the design!

While not quite what I had in mind it's pretty good, I am generally not to fussy about the commissions I pay for art is rather subjective after all.



Other pages

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Mainly for Fanlyric videos and game mods. That which YouTube has not randomly deleted.
I have cobbled one together, working on it now and then. Got a few things to upload but my upload speeds suck, rural 10mb DSL at 90$ a month FTL!!!!


Crrraaaaazzy ZippyDSMlee’s randomly random media giveaway!!

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1 more game added tho it its a bad game LOL, Dungeons plus 2 DLC packs.

Send me a message in a few days I will announce winners.

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Far from done but I have got parts 1-2 done enough to move on to the next chapters. Any glaring errors are poorly done areas? I am planing on POV changes (still reading about POV stuff.)  and more condensing. Doing dialogue and other things I missed this go around.

Chronicles of the Lord of Power: Lost and abandoned on the dark lonely road of the stars.

Being found is worse than being lost. As being lost you are free from all but self. Being found you have to constantly worry about others. :Lord of Power

Notes: This story is more of what I had in mind around the time of the Lord of Powers creation. It’s further along time line wise than Book one.


Off in the white hazy mists beyond time and space. Seemingly endless rows of elegant dark wrought iron tables with leaf and vine features matched by a pair of two chairs. Upon the table tops random chess like games are in play. These games will linger on until one side completely removes the other from all the other boards.

In the middle of the sea of tables and chairs two figures sit. One in tattered white and gray robes his thin and long bearded face is pale, wrinkled, thin and wise, eyes sunken and sorrowful.  He leans to one side as his eyes close and drifts off to sleep as drool starts down his cheek.

A much darker figure sits across from him. Dressed in dark tattered robes made of fur his broad dark face and sunken cheeks are marred by old scars. His head is full of thin gnarly hair. His expression is grim as his deep crimson eyes that seethe with rage. His features are burly yet contorted seemingly corrupted by madness. He fell to sleep where he sits eyes open with foam gathering at the corner of his mouth. He writhes in his slumber as violent dreams haunt the dark one’s ungrateful rest.

On each side of the empty chessboard a bowl sits. A black one with white stripes on the white side a white bowel with dark zigzagging lines on the other where dark tatters inch their way to the board hoping to steal or distract.  The chessboard vibrates as a white knight, queen and handful of dark pawns fade in. It appears this game has just begun.               

Far away back within the confines of creation a derelict space ship ravaged by time and the long journey on the lonely road of the stars drifts silently amidst the colorful lights coming from various clusters of stars, dust and gas clouds.  Their multi-colored light caresses the ship like light through tall cathedral stained glass. Upon the ships hind end a curious unhinged panel rests with letters arranged upon it. They are human and crude that read L. O. P. dash One.

As the light penetrates into the depths of the ship though holes upon its surface. Life still lingers within this seemingly dead coal as the multi-color light sparkles and shines within the darkness. Dozens of round glowing solid energy spheres with a single large translucent cat’s eye look on in awe all the while their master is oblivious to it. They are barely autonomous creatures, simple but fiercely loyal. They are called minions made by the master of the ship. Outside near the outer hull a minion peers out into the darkness hoping to see signs of life or useable debris. It scans from left to right for a few minutes then turns around and enters the spaceship through a large hole.

Slowly it passes through the wreck and ruin and leaves the vacuum of space. It passes by a large rackety and box where within carbon dioxide molecules are being produced via matter conversion and then viciously consumed by the endlessly hungry plant life form that sputters out an oxygen based atmosphere and enough energy to power the loud rackety machine and seal the beast within it. A curiosity since no one on board needs it to live it’s more of a comfort for the weary travelers within.

An orb smaller than a human head hovers over a grumbling man, his figure is plump, face round with short brown hair and unkempt face, eyes blue and distant. He is dressed in heavily worn blue jeans a torn white T-shirt, black boots, brown faded fedora and trench coat that have seen better days. His rough hands are working on some sort of circuit panel. Worn fingers paint pathways of light.

A slightly raspy woman’s voice comes from the orb “You better hope that damn mold monster doesn’t pop out of that piece of crap life support unit you were up all week hammering together.” She pauses for a moment. “On second thought, since I had to use my last good repair drones to fish you off that planet and clean you up, I don’t want to talk about it.” She says humorously.

The man is working on some sort of large looking circuit panel. He links dim pathways of light as if he is drawing. He says in a lightly stressed voice. “Yes, yes I know, but it relaxes me.”

The orb snarkly replies “What? Being covered in putrid green goo that wants to turn you into plant poo?”

The man retorts. “Why yes, I like my balls being eroded away…” He pauses for a moment, sighs then continues. “But I prefer the smell of crappy life-support to a colorless and quiet void.”  He continues as he places a panel over the circuit board.  “This one is good, only 10 thousand or so to go. Then again, we should hunt down what powers it and try to get the engines online again.”   The orb rotates in place blinking a bright off yellow dotted bland and uninterested smiley face while deep in thought pauses then says. “So we are going to try the Light Force energy array, since we obviously don’t have any decent power source on my poor precious ship?”  The orb displays a crying face with a hint of happiness while looking at the tattered man.

Giving the orb a double take he says. “No… you’re not making me into a human battery… besides, the ship couldn’t handle being plugged into my nipples the last time we tried!”
While making another sad smiley face the orb says. “So the array?”
With a half hopeful smile he replies. “Yeah, even if we run afoul of the powers that be, it’s better than trying to repair the ship with blood and sweat alone.”  He then gets up as they approach a door, it jerks itself open making an odd echoing sound and they find themselves in a corridor that leads to a maze of pathways, filled with disorganized cabling of all sizes branching off in different directions.  As they walk down the maze, the orb leads the tattered man through the dimly lit corridors. The orb gives off some light, creating menacing shadows that bob and sway as they venture forth.

The man stares at the cabling coming from the ceiling and follows it with his eyes as he recalls a troubling past experience with cabling. He remembers falling through a ceiling panel while being tied up in super energized cables. Dangling like a marionette jerking ever so slightly as the energy coursed through him randomly.  He covers his face and grasps his forehead, remembering the worst part of it. The repair drone was cutting the cables and missed… cutting off a couple limbs. He sighs just before he stumbles and falls over a large stack of cabling, hitting his head as his hat floats gently forward to the ground.

The orb says as she moves forward. “Keep up slow poke, or I will leave you down here.”  

 He replies while grabbing his hat while he stands up staggering a bit to catch up with the orb. “Do that and there will be many more holes in your precious ship.”  

The orb says as it stops at a battered door  “Tsk tsk tsk, do you always have to resort to brute force?”  Casting dim light and shadow on the door illuminating the hanger bay 13 sign.

 The man stares at the faded number as he walks up to the orb then asks. “So out of the 40 or so un-collapsed hanger bays we have, this is the one we have to go through?”

The orb sighs then says. “Well, it’s the only one not wrecked and totally exposed to space. Want to go on another space trip skipping across asteroids like last time?”

The man energetically replies. “Er no, no more wasting time… and I was not skipping damn it! Unless you can skip on your head...”

The orbs laughs saying. “True. At least you came back whole that time…” She pauses for a moment then says. “Mmmmm!?””

The man looks at the orb puzzled. “What’s wrong now?”

 The orb scans the door and says. “It’s been beaten in so much that it’s warped, buckling in on this side.”

The man pushes against the door grunting. “That… ugh… much is obvious. Ugh. Do you sense anything on the other side?”

The orb replies. “Scanning… No the door is just bent in from the other side.”

The man replies quickly with an evil grin. “Then can I blow it up?”

The orb scurries behind him saying. “Ugh, fine. Just keep the damage to a minimum.”

He smiles giving the buckled in door an evil look as he moves back. He whips his tattered trench coat off his hip and pulls out a long object that’s covered in bandages. He then waves the object to the right, then up and down; the bandages fall around him in a circular motion. As the bandages fall to the floor, they reveal a sheathed golden brown shirasaya. His eyes radiate a glowing blue mist as energy lines start pulsating away from the man on the sword. He points the end at the door as energy starts compressing into a ball on the end; a moment of silence covers the area as a bead of sweat runs down his check.  As the final bandage hits the floor, a blurring beam of concentrated energy hits the door and fills the area with intense blue energy. The door moves for a second, then stops. As he continues, the door withstands the assault. He glares at the door through the hazy, rebounding energy and pushes himself forward, forcing the energy into every crevice and molecule of the door’s recesses and archway. Crackling sounds can be heard as cracks start forming along the areas touched by the door. Suddenly the door and its whole archway go blasting off across the hanger bay floor with a great WOOSHING sound as it slams into several different fighters, coming to a rest far off in the distance. Amongst the rubble and a few random untouched fighters lay, the hunk of ejected metal glows far off within the darkness as they enter the gaping, yet still glowing hole. The tattered man and his floating orb companion soon realize something is amiss.


Revealed in the endless hazy field of white,
where ageless ones sleep tight,
while upon a chess board skewed,
many dark pawns gather their hunger renewed,
to fight together across a maze,
fading in from the haze.
Seeing from far above carved timber men so starved move and sniff the air above,
focusing their mashing, their gnawing, their seething hate,
some still gnawing upon brothers they ate,
While others sense the one they truly loathe and hate
One by two they pass into the pew ,
They step into a world of debris the two,
One man and one illuminated orb arrive in the place they need to be,
within hanger one three.

As the air pressurizes Sandy says “Whelp there goes life support the vacuum shielding is stable do try and stay inside the ship this time.”

The man says ”No kicking this time…” as he walks through the still glowing and smoking ‘improvised’ doorway. Before his eyes could focus a familiar smell of death, filth and decay linger in the air and cling within his nostrils as shadows dart around the ruins of the hanger. Many twin bisected eyes light up randomly within the darkness. Hissing sounds can be heard off in the distance.
He pauses as he sighs then says. “Xai’raithi eh?”
The orb says in a startled voice. “Dozens and dozens of them, from the looks of their putrid psionic energy levels they are not freshly hatched either. Damnit with resources as they are I can’t scan the whole ship and since half of it is empty….not good.”
The tattered man’s eyes glow blue as he raises his sword and says. “I suppose we have some time to play with these damn insect men. ”
As if being carried on the breath of Darkness itself multiple echoes softly slither through the darkness quietly flowing into the maze behind the tattered man a name echoes out in deep raspy hissing tones. “It’s him, him , masters toy ,HHHIIIImmmmmMMMMm, Power lor, the power lord…. The Lord of Power…..hhiiimmmmmm ”.

The Lord of Power raises his head holding his sword at his side with the tip pointing up then says. “Sandy I’m giving you an energy bonus try not and let them absorb the energy out you.” As he said that the orb glows brightly and then he yells out to the glowing eyes and darting shadows within the darkness before him. “COME YE WARROIRS OF THE DARK!”
Humoind figures leer from the shadows they emerge and standing 6 to 7 feet tall with broad shoulders. Their imposing bodies covered in scares and armored shells their biceted eyes on fire with putrid sickly green and yellow psionic energy their split mouths shutter dripping poisonous salvia.

The Lord of Power leans forward and dashes off stumbling a bit then jumps on a long metal board surfing upon pieces of junk and debris into the murky depths of the hanger. One Xai’raithi comes out of the darkness from the left leaping from above the Lord of Power quickly slashes him in half with a left to right motion of his sheathed sword covered in bandages and energy. The Xai’raithi halves turn to ash . A clear area comes into sight where a Xai’raithi has taken a sniping position firing off putrid energy bolts from a mutated gun arm. The Lord of Power uses his bandaged sword deflecting bolts left then right he then jumps with the metal board in the air and kicks the board at the sniping Xai’raithi.

While in the air he rolls forward almost flying and lands perfectly within the area that’s clear of debris. He then walks forward two steps slipping on something landing face first on the ground low growling laughter can be heard from different points within the darkness. The metal board leans against the Xai’raithi sniper whose fist stopped the board forcing the metal board around its fist. Suddenly it flings it aside firing quickly and wildly at the now prone Lord of Power. Shot after shot after shot misses while one shot grazes his hat which causes the Lord of Powers eyes to glow blue he then pumps his sheathed sword like a shotgun and fires a powerful energy blast into the chest area of the Xai’raithi blowing it apart from the torso up. He gets up and shakes off the dust and goo looks around tries to walk forward but slips again just dodging a sneak attack from behind the Xai’raithi is so surprised he lands face first into a vertical support beam collapsing the area above upon it. The Lord of Power slowly gets up holding his head already tired from his latest trip he sees where the Xai’raithi was buried holding his sword like a rifle with one hand firing randomly a few times into the collapsed mess. As he turns around and lays his sword on his shoulder the Xai’raithi suddenly roars and sends half of the derbies that was on it in the air. Without turning back around the Lord of Power fires a couple shots from his shoulder into the Xai’raithi purging its putrid psionic energy. The derbies come raining back down upon its corpse with the final piece making a headstone on the pile.

Trying not to congratulate himself he stops and looks around in the darkness and thinks…. “Ok now where am I?”.

Under a hole in ceiling multi-colored light from above rains down he looks up into the light for a moment then starts to notice random holes in the ceiling before looking up at a huge hole in the ship. The huge hole goes through many upper levels of the ship to the outside. Bright lights flashes as vacuum shielding on various levels above try to stabilize some sort of environment below. Slowly he is surrounded as he stands there thinking. One dashes out of nowhere from the right he dodges the attack and notices 5 more are coming at him. He grabs the one that he dodged and throws it at them. One is hit and knocked back while one runs and jumps high into the air off them as they crash into fighter debris. Three others get within an arm reach of the Lord of Power he swiftly changes his hand position to the middle of the sword and shoves it forward hitting the mouth of one and the neck of the other knocking them back 8 feet. He then decks the last one with a left fisted uppercut.  And before his 4 opponents hit the floor he fires a shot from his sheathed sword from the front of his shoulder at the one falling down from the high jump exploding it into a rain of goo. He then quickly dashes forward slicing off the head of the one he uppercut it hits the ground and turns to ash.

He moves swiftly upon the three getting up from the ground. Firing a few shots from his sword held like a rifle in one hand he kills one on the left knocking out all its putrid psionic energy leaving only an empty husk upon the ground. While the others fire at him hitting him a couple times but he does not stop. He stabs the one on the left slicing it above the left shoulder then he kicks it far off into the distance the force turns the husk to ash while blocking shots from the remaining one with his sword. Wincing from the pain he staggers back knocking blasts away from him as he falls to one knee. The Xai’raithi charges up a powerful shot while chuckling.

The Lord of Power then readies his sword to draw the blade with his right hand and says “Sword of light: Drawing style, linear line.” and in a flash of bright light the Xai’raithi is cut in two then vaporized as he quickly sheaths his blade.

Breathing heavily he stands up trying not to move too much as he purges the vile energy from his body.  Worn out from the fight he gains a second wind as one comes out from the right. The Lord of Power starts to run forward where he thinks he heard more Xai’raithi as he notices 5 coming from above he slides on the ground dodging shots from above and behind. Yet another Xai’raithi jumps him from behind still on his knees he spins around and fires at it putting it down with large holes its husk breaks apart as it hits the ground. He quickly gets on his feet as he finds himself surrounded again.

He grins his cheapish smile while he glows blue grasping hard on his bandaged sword acesessing engery from it letting out a scream that fills the area with a blazing blue inferno going up and up until it exits the ship into space as the whole ship sakes.
 Sandy in orb form is talking to herself. “Damnit don’t wreck my ship.” As she dodges from almost being captured she fires a beam at a Xai’raithi’s chest creating a hot orange spot. Smoke lingers and drifts upward as it laughs suddenly she drops two fighter’s on it. She says. “Heh heh never underestimate me lil darkling.”  

Those caught in the inferno surrounding the Lord of Power are vaporized while above randomly half of three dozen Xai’raithi are burnt to a crisp. The others seem to grin and chuckle as a few of them tear into the smoking remains of their just dead and devour them. Some laughing and grunting as they pull the bodies into the dark. He looks above watching the remaining Xai’raithi as multicolored light slowly falls down from a nearby nebula through holes in the ship and he thinks to himself.

“Oh lords, round two I guess”. He then jumps high off the ground. The creatures that remain seem larger than the others and grow various glowing bladed gun swords with larva like features and funny bent hilt from their arms and backs they pull them out from themselves all covered in dark green goo and black blood. They ready them and their eyes and weapons glow with a putrid dark green and yellow dissonance.

Sandy’s internal sensors start blipping and beeping as she says “Energy spikes from four or five of them what?!?  ….high levels of putrid psionic energy…. They have evolved to Xai’raithi Lords already?  Hope there are no Cursed Kings here we might not have a ship left to fix... ”
Thanks for taking the time to read it, sorry for the eye bleeding LOL
I think I them planed out for now, dunno which book this will be but its looking to be after light forces book.  

COTLOP book 3 stuff- another fantasy world

Planet Nautical Novus use to be the royal capital planet of the Caduceator empire that was one of the first galactic empires. Over eons empires fell and rose and slowly merchant guilds and regional republics replaced royal empires. Far along the 2nd age of enlightenment(for this area/history of space) a secret cult is gathering garments and forces to start a galactic war.  

Angelina Li Crimson

Nickname:  Angi or Red

Relationship: Zackary’s girlfriend

Sex: Female

Battle: All round agility based fighter and mage, anger/rage enhances her abilities. Magic abilties are fire, lighting and energy based.

Body: Red hair, A bit short , Medium build.

Personality quirks: Firebrand, quick temper, spirted, Intelligent.

Role: Leader, cannot drive ANYTHING without crashing.

Saying: “You will do as I say and not as I do. “ “Arrggg we will rush them from behind!!”

Weakness: Quick temper, cannot drive ANYTHING without crashing. Impatient.

Normal job(s): Office, Security, service.

Plot basics:
Having royal bloodline she start looking into her lineage a bit more and found a royalist cult , barely getting out of it she’s trying to find people to help her fight them as they have starting a world war.


Zackary Smith Mountain

Heavy knight

Relationship: Angelina/Reds boyfriend

Sex: Male

Nickname:  Slowpoke, lop calls him dumbdumb (Zack dose not mind he admits he is a bit dumb tho lop means by it knowledge is burden).

Body: Big, strong but slow, Blonde or brown hair.

Personality quirks: Simple and naive character.

Battle: To shield the others from harm and attack the largest of targets.

Role: Makes custom weapons for the group, Modern/Advance weapons tech, metal smith and fabricator.

Saying:” Calm down think it through.” “ Quality work takes time, things that last ,last because much time was put into it.”

Magic/tech/power:  Can summon tools and weapons and armor that he has made.(tech based matter/energy pouch for tools, connected to the matter transfer system to summon stuff).
Weakness:  slowness

Normal job(s): Personal armor and weapon system fabricator.

Plot basics:

Works at a local armory ,works on semi-custom weapons and armors. Longtime friend of Angelina.


Sasha Ignescent(or Ianthine ,then have violet colored hair)Ve-drit-ve (?)

Nickname Siv

Sex: Female/L

Relationship: Angelina/Reds Ex-girlfriend

Body: Dark hair/ dark skin, tall and well-built for a medium build.

Personality quirks:  Hyper intelligent , Has control issues ,Obsessed with being good to Red , Somewhat clingy to red.

Battle: Melee Attacker and or Assassin.

Magic/tech/power:  Were Panther (super speed and strength) and shadow powers.

Saying: “The beast wishes to devour but I wish to play.” “ I like using logic and reason if that fails ripping things apart works.”

Role: Information organizer and spy.

Weakness: Angelina and pretty women.

Normal job(s): Office, Security, Legal Assassin, Body guard, Bounty Hunter.

Plot basics:
And old school friend and ex-lover. Follows Angelina on and off depending on when she needs money or not for property damage or bounties on her.


Name: Zizi Chrome 

Nickname Zeek

Relationship: none

Body:   Tall/Thin, blue hair.

Sex: Male

Personality quirks: Quite , pessimistic , lair, bad flirt

Battle: planting bombs, stealing things, dual mono knives, small tech cross bow.

Magic/tech/power:  Healing ability(nanties), enhanced perception, is able to lie his way out of anything.

Saying: “We are all going to die.”  “ Is that worth something?”

Role: Thief , explosives, marks men, con man, bad pilot.

Weakness: Money,Women and running/hiding  when things look bad.

Normal Job(s): Thief, Conman, Adventure.

Plot Basics:
An acquaintance of Zackary always borrowing money and a bit of a pain in the ass but always seems to come through to help.

Name: Doctor

Nickname  Doctor, hates being called doc.

Relationship: none

Body: Tall slim to medium build, black long hair, pretty boy, fake glasses.

Sex: Male/Bi

Personality quirks: Cold, calculating,  narcissist ,horrible bed side manner, utter pessimist , we complain about working for free but works for free anyway.

Battle: Hand blaster, Drones, hacking computer systems.

Magic/tech/power: Cybernetic brain,  Drone/Robot control/Hacking  .

Saying: “Why do I bother fixing you if you are going to die anyway.”  “When I get paid I am going to harm you!” “Yes I am a sadist why else would I take this job.”

Role: Doctor, Medic  ,Healer.

Weakness:  Comparing price v cost, money. Strange obsession with royalty/monarchies.

Normal Job(s): Doctor, Cyber Doctor, Adventure, Mercenary.

Plot Basics:
After a fight with some cultists Red needs to be fixed up, he helps them in hopes to get more money out of them. They help him with some problems with the local mob and he then joins them.
Once he hears she’s a princess but wanting to protect current government from the cultists he become seven more helpful.


Name:  Kat’lin Kates

Nickname: Kat

Relationship: Her tools.

Body: Small to medium, blonde, blue eyes, tech glasses

Sex: Female

Personality quirks:  air head, happy go lucky, forgetful

Battle: Custom energy rifle, multi targeting, hacking.

Magic/tech/power: Repair, hacking, knowledge of tech.

Saying: “Did I do that? “  “I think I forgot something.”   “Look what I built!”

Role: Tech, repair, pilot.

Weakness: Forgetful, naïve and obsessed with her tools.

Normal Job(s): Engineer, technician and computer system repair specialist.

Plot Basics:
Goes along for the ride after some incident.


Name: Marshal  Maz Jemini Forge

Nickname: Marshel, Maz or Jem.

Body: Medium tall a bit out of shape, cyber eye, arm and leg. Dark red hair.

Relationship: Married twice, widowed once. Has 6 daughters.

Sex: Male

Personality quirks: A bit of a drunk , good natured.

Battle: Double multi freq energy pistols and sniper rifle

Magic/tech/power:  Great aim, can disable or vaporize most targets.

Saying: “I am the law.”  “  Thar’s noth’in more beautiful than the bottom of… ‘random thing here, mostly bottle’ ”

Role: Sniping, pistol range, help finding clues, pilot.

Weakness: Drinks alot.

Normal Job(s): Star Marshall, Bounty hunter, Detective.

Plot Basics:
Looking for something besides drinking in between galactic bounty hunting and other jobs. Likes reds spirit reminds him of his daughter(s).


Name:  Stranger, Lord of power, LOP

Nickname: Stranger, wander, idiot, moron, fool.

Body: Medium to tall out of shape looking. Brown hair.

Relationship: none

Sex: Male

Personality quirks: Kind, naive, wiser than he lets on, sometimes is sad, foolish.

Battle: Sword of light, energy based gun sword, Staff of darkness darkness based staff that spreads out chain and can expand. When he has energy to spare has great strength and speed.  Can do minor healing but has to use everything he has to heal moderate damage. Over use of powers leads to short/long bouts of unconsciousness.

Magic/tech/power:  Lop uses SOL and SOD tho they do not work so well, needs energy from a lot of sources to get into higher fighting states. A bit of a tech but more a forgetful mad inventor type.
Saying: “Sigh.”   “Why do I bother?”  ”Once more for those who call me friend.”

Role: attack at range, melee, making new discoveries.

Weakness: red, pretends to be a drunk, acts the fool.

Normal Job(s):  Wanderer, Detective, Mercenary.

Plot Basics:
Sent by Light forces to figure out what’s affecting the LF network. They think the disruptions from this planet.  Pretends to be a bar fly/mercenary to see what into he can find. Sandy(lops associate) is on the lop1(ship) in the solar system trying to help but scanning is difficult.
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Who has steam and wants Batman Arkham Asylum or Arkham City?

I'll put it in a list and figure out who gets what based on friendship and response time.

Anyone know where I could get Japanese Rōmaji lyrics translated?
Heres my fav palylist, trying to find other songs that are like them lyric wise.

MediaMonkey Filelist

#    Artist    Title    Length    Album    Track #    Year    Genre           
1    Ben Moody    The End Has Come(Ft. Jason Mil    3:09    The Punisher-Soundtrack    13    2004    Soundtrack
2    Damageplan    Ashes To Ashes(Ft. Jerry Cantr    5:06    The Punisher-Soundtrack    9    2004    Soundtrack   
3    Metallica    Low Man's Lyric    7:37    Reload    11    1997    Rock   
4    Disturbed    Overburdened    6:01    Ten Thousand Fists    8    2005    Heavy Metal
5    Dragonforce    Lost Souls In Endless Time (Bonus Track)    6:22    Inhuman Rampage (Japanese Bonus Track)    9    2006    Power Metal   
6    Disturbed    Indestructible    4:40    Indestructible    1    2008    Heavy Metal   
7    Mudvayne    Not Falling (Demo)    4:02    By The People, For the People    13    2007    Alternative   

8    Iron Maiden    Stranger In A Strange Land    5:44    Wasted Years - Stranger In A Strange Land    4    1990    Heavy Metal   

9    Metallica    The Day That Never Comes    7:56    Death Magnetic    4    2008    Metal   

10    Pantera    Cemetery Gates (From "Cowboys From Hell")    7:02    Reinventing Hell (The Best Of Pantera)    3    2003    Rock

11    Five Finger Death Punch    Meet the Monster    4:23    The Way Of The Fist    10    2007    Metal   

12    Demon Hunter    The Tide Began To Rise    5:35    The Triptych    12    2005    AlternRock; Alt. Rock   

13    Killswitch Engage    Take Me Away    2:45    Killswitch Engage    7    2009    Melodic Metalcore

14    Great White    Pain Overload    4:40    Let It Rock    4    1996    Hard Rock           

15    Disturbed    Darkness    3:56    Believe    12    2002    Heavy Metal           


16    Iron Maiden    Fear Of The Dark    7:18    Ed Hunter CD 1 (CDA)    6    1999    Hard Rock   

17    Creed    On My Sleeve    4:14    Full Circle    8    2009    Rock           

18    Iron Maiden    Brave New World    6:18    Brave New World    3    2000    Other           

19    Disturbed    I'm Alive    4:44    Ten Thousand Fists    6    2005    Heavy Metal        

20    Sub Dub Micromachine    Power's Cummin' Home    3:18    Auferstanden!    1    2008    Other        

21    Godsmack    I Stand Alone    4:06                            

22    Smile Empty Soul    Finding Myself    3:32    The Punisher-Soundtrack    6    2004    Soundtrack        

23    Trapt    Lost In A Portrait    4:41    The Punisher-Soundtrack    7    2004    Soundtrack        

24    Strata    Piece By Piece    3:38    The Punisher-Soundtrack    14    2004    Soundtrack            

25    Hatebreed    Bound To Violence    2:23    The Punisher-Soundtrack    15    2004    Soundtrack   

26    Atomship    Time For People    3:46    The Punisher-Soundtrack    18    2004    Soundtrack        

27    Mark Collie    In Time    2:45    The Punisher-Soundtrack    19    2004    Soundtrack        

28    Edgewater    Eyes Wired Shut    3:15    The Punisher-Soundtrack    11    2004    Soundtrack        
29    Drowning Pool    Step Up    3:18    The Punisher-Soundtrack    1    2004    Soundtrack        

Total Files: 29
Duration: 2h 16m 14s    Generated by MediaMonkey